Billionaire's Obsession or Love 2

Chapter 2

Ace's POV



"No. No you can't hate me. My kid never hates his dad. I will find you. I will heal the wounds I gave you. I will do everything. I will find you soon" I whispered and again a painful tears rolled down on my cheek....

I have to find them.

"Where are you Bella? From six months I am searching for you. I am not allowed to enter Knight Mansion. Everyone abandoned me. But it is not their fault. It is my punishment. I deserve it. I hurt many one. I betrayed everyone.

You were right doll. I am dying in regret.

But I will not stop until I found you" I whispered and get up from floor..

I enter my room and walked towards my closet. My head is paining. I am so hungry because from yesterday I didn't eat anything except alcohol. As yesterday was my off day I was drinking all day and night.

This alcohol is my one and only accompany from six months. It always helps me to reach to my angel. Not in reality but though hallucination.

I took out my clothes and entered the washroom. As soon as the cold water touch my skin I fell relax. But my heart is paining. I always feel something is missing. I always feel loneliness although I stand between several people.

Something is missing inside me. And it is my Bella. My doll.

Tears rolled down on my cheeks again and went mix with water. People always said we only understand the value of something or someone when the person left us. In last six months I come to know I never loved Katrina. It was just an attraction. I only love my doll, my Bella.

But I lost her. She is living somewhere hiding from us. Not only me but also her parents tried a lot to find her but it is seems like she does not want to comes out. She wants to keeps hidden.

She is so hurt. I broke her completely. I told her to live like dead. I told her to go away and she did.

She went away leaving us all..

This is all because of me. She left because of me.

Thinking about it anger rose into me. I am angry at myself. Not able to control my anger I punched the mirror and it got broken into pieces.

Some pieces cut my skin. Blood comes out. My hand is bleeding like mountain. But I can't fell the pain.

I keep looking at the broken pieces of mirror.

"I broke her like the mirror. She is broken likes this mirror" I whispered.

Soon, my head start paining. I wash my hand. And tied my hand with a cloth only. I do not want to take medicine.

I want to suffer myself.

I come out from washroom but my legs also got some wounds as I step on the mirror..

Avoiding the pain I get ready for office. Just then I heard the calling bell rang.

I walked towards the door leaning against the wall because my body has no energy left.

I opened the door and hold the tightly for support.

When I looked at the person my eyes went widen.


My sister. I am seeing her after six months.

"Caroline, please come in" I told her happily but looked at me with hate.

I looked down immediately. I can not bear hate anymore. It is killing me.

"Did you find her?" Caroline asked me..

I looked at her and speaks up," No. But I will find her soon. Please come inside Caroline"

"I do not to enter your apartment Mr. Ace Roberts" Caroline told me in a bitter tone which I never heard from her..

"I will find her Caroline" I whispered and blink my eyes several times to control my tears..

"I am listening this from six months. You are a failure. It was my fault. I always told Bella that my brother loves her. I should have never told her like this. You failed as a son, as a fiance, as a brother and most importantly as a father. You failed of all of them Ace Roberts. Bella was the princess of knight family. They never let her do anything but now from last two years she is living somewhere. We don't know how is she. We don't know how she feed herself. I ashamed to call you a brother" Caroline told me while crying hard..

I broke down on my knees and speak up," I will find her Caroline. But don't hate me. This hate is killing me. Please I begged you" I begged her while crying hard..

"I am going" Saying this Caroline about to turn but I feel her still standing..

I looked at her and found her looking at me wounds hand.

She sat before me and holds my hand.

"How this happened?" She asked me but I keep looking down..

Caroline holds my hand and entered in living room. Making me sit on a couch she ran towards my bedroom..

I smiled painfully. She hates me but still she can't see me in pain.

Soon she comes out holds a medicine box.

Caroline sits before me and opened the cloth then the wash the wound, put medicine on it then bandage it carefully..

After she done. She enters my kitchen and comes out after sometime with a plate of food.

I thought she is going to give the plate but she sits before me and starts feeding me.

I looked at her while a tear rolled down on my eyes. After she done feeding me she stands up and about to leave..

"Won't you let me meet your baby, Caroline?" I asked her hopefully. Caroline gave birth a baby girl last year..

"No. Because I afraid if I let you see my baby you might say my baby also a bastard child and I slept around like you said Bella. But I will let you meet my baby when you find Bella and bring her back" Saying this she left my apartment leaving me in the ocean of guilt and regret.




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