Billionaire's Second Chance

Chapter 18

Author's POV

At Murat's Home

After praying Murat enter living room and found Armaan standing at a corner sawing him Armaan's came towards me and stand beside him..

Mr. Khan's family were already here.

It is time Armaan Murat whisper to Armaan and he nodded at him. Then they went towards Mr. Khan and speak up, " Excuse me Mr. Khan if you don't mind can we borrow your few minutes" Murat request him and he nodded at us ...

Taking him we went towards garden and speak up

"Mr. Khan, I know you are confused about why we called you here but let's introduce ourselves first. I am Murat Ali, Khushi's older brother and He is Arman Malik, my best friend and he is also like a brother to Khushi. You know I have just come home and heard about this engagement and honestly I am really shocked.

About this marriage. I know you are a great man but as a brother I want to request you .Plz take care of my sister. She is so innocent and pious girl. Plz never let her feel alone.

If she ever make any mistake, plz forgive her " Murat request him though we know he is a noble man but still we have to request him.

Before Murat could say anything more Arman spoke up, " Mr. Khan, I don't know much about you but hearing about this marriage, I collected lot of information about you and I must say that your are a great man.

Even in business many men follow your steps and think you as their idol. I didn't know Khushi for a long time. In fact I know her for last three days but I feel a strong connection with her.

Though we both don't share same blood but I really see her like my sister. Indeed you are a great man but believe me, our sister is also like you. She also likes to help people like you. Plz take care of her.

I don't know if I should tell it or not but last night I and Murat tried a lot to reject you but we couldn't get a single lacking in you. You are really an honest man. Our sister is lucky to get you as her better half.

The man who runs three orphanages ,two schools, four old homes, he can't never hurt his wife but I still request you plz take care of our sister" Arman requested him and it is first time he am seeing him to request someone...

Mr. Khan nodded at us just then Murat's Abbu (father) called them inside..

Coming in living room they saw Khushi is already here sitting on a couch and Mr. Khan's sister daughter is sitting on her lap talking with her...

When we all sat down the little pretty girl ran towards Mr. Khan and sit on his lap..

Soon Mr. Khan's Ammi (mother) bring a ring and put it on Khushi's finger..

Did they forget they have to put ring on Mr. Khan's finger" Armaan thought in his mind..

Murat about to walk towards Mr. Hasan but Arman stand beside him and nodded at Murat.

So they both went towards Mr. Khan and put the ring on her finger...

Soon Mr. Khan's family left after having dinner..


After one day


Armaan's P.O.V 


We have only one week in our hand Murat. We should start wedding Shopping, Murat but the problem is we need a girl for selecting Khushi's dress and Jewelleries " I told Murat..

"Yeah you are right " He told me..

"Oh I forgot. You have another sister. So we can ask her. I am sure as an older sister, she will help us right?" I asked him..

"I am afraid that she will not. The terms Between Khushi and Maya is not good. Maya hates her" He told me..

"What but why?" I asked him again because I am sure that Khushi can't do anything wrong to anyone. So what made Maya hate her own sister..!

" Actually Khushi is not our real sister. She is adopted. So Maya always sees her like outsider. She never thinks of her as a family member let alone a sister.. In past she used to hurt Khushi a lot and when I tried to protect her, Abbu sent me abroad for completing my study" He explained me..

"That cannot be a reason to hate someone Murat. I know I don't have any right to say but I think your sister is mentally ill. You should admit her in hospital. I was thinking, maybe she was busy that's why she was missing today but now I understand. She hates her that's why she wasn't at home today..

" Well this matter is deep Arman. Maya likes Mr. Khan or his money, I don't' know. But she was telling me few days ago that soon she will marry Mr. Khan and went away from this family, from Khushi but Mr. Khan sent proposal for Khushi and maybe that's why she got again mad at Khushi and left home" Murat told me..

"Okay. Anyway let's forget about it."

Murat is sad that his sister is not a nice person like Khushi..

"So we can ask for Khushi's friend's help. What is her name..? I forget" saying this, I tried to remember when Murat spoke up "Hayat"

"Oh yes. Let's ask for help to her. I think she help us..

Now let's begin our sister's marriage preparation..."

"Yeah let's start. And Arman don't' forget Mr. Khan is the most eligible bachelor and top successful business man in this country. Also his brother -in-law is one of the top successful business men of America. So they will surely arrange a grand wedding and we have to match up with their stand." Murat told me..

"InshaAllah we will. After all we two are also the top business man of England...

Don't worry. inshaAllah everything will go nicely."


Murat's P.O.V


Hope so Arman.

Just then my phone start ringing. I saw the id is unknown but nonetheless I received the call and speak up, " Assalamu_Alaikum (May Allah give you peace). Who are you?

" Walaikum_Assalam (May Allah also give you peace). I am your well wisher. So I just call you to informed one important matter with evidence just check out your phone" Saying this the man cut the call..

When I bring down the phone from my ear I saw I got a MMS from this number. Being curious I open the MMS and saw there are few picture of Maya shooting a little boy..

Khurshida Khushi

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