Billionaire's Second Chance

Chapter 24

Armaan's P.O.V

Since three hours I was trying to concentrate on my file but couldn't. Again and again Hayat's word is coming in my mind..

I never thought she turned out his blood related and I know Murat will never accept her if he come to know about this..

Thinking those I look at my hand. Now I am feeling bad for slapping her. I shouldn't have slapped a girl. I was so angry on her for hurting my brother that I couldn't control my self..

Again her tears rolling face came in front me...


Come out I told her" And she nervously came down..

"Look Hayat I don't want to harsh to you but you are crossing your limits. You are hurting Murat" I told her..

"And it is not my fault. I told him stay away but like a shameless man he is still running after me" she speak up and as soon she looked at me I slapped her hand on her cheek for cursing my brother without any fault and speak up

"You know I was wrong when I told her to search for you. Really my brother deserve better than you. I was wrong about you. Now I am hate to admit that I used to think you as my sister...

Hearing those Hayat start sobbing and speak up, "Murat really deserves better than me vaia (brother). I don't deserve him. He is too good for me. Please make him understand that I am not a good girl"

"Stop crying Hayat and tell me why you are doing this? Do you know what happened in Paris after you left?" I asked her and she nodded at me..

Getting her positive reply I got shocked." You know Murat was innocent. You know he suffered a lot. Then why are you still punishing him? What is the reason Hayat?" I asked her softly..

"Because I am blood related of this cheap man Jahan Ali. My Ammi was his real sister. His dirty blood is in my veins. Now tell me vaia (brother) will Murat accept me after knowing this. Will he trust me. Because of us your sister Khushi suffered in her life. Because of us your parents are no more in this world" Hayat told him while crying hard...

Hearing this Arman took few steps back

She has the same blood in her vein..

Because of the blood my parents are no more..

Because of the blood my sister rised like an orphan..

Because of the blood my full family suffered greatly..

Keeping silence for some time I went towards her and touch her cheeks lightly and speak up, " Sorry for hurting you and get into the car. We are getting late.

And she get in car but still sobbing silently.

Getting in car I start driving. Full journey was silent. We we reached the Mr. Khan's home I stop my car..

She wiped her tears and about to get down i speak up, " Maybe he can't accept it easily. But he can't live happily without you. He needs you at his side. Give him a chance.

And at the right time tell him everything. He will understand you..

She looked at me hopefully and nodded..

My thoughts broke when Murat called me and my thought broke..

"What happened Murat?" I asked him..

"Oh actually when I was dropping Jiya she asked me about you" Murat told me..

"What she asked? Did you tell her anything about the past ?" I asked her..

"No. She just asked me where you born and raise up. And I lied to her" Murat told me...

"Oh. It's okay I will take care of it" I told her..

"Armaan she misunderstood you. You have to tell her the truth" Murat told me..

"No Murat Jiya is now covering with mystery. I have to slove many things Murat. Well I will take care of it. Now go and sleep it's already late" I told him..

Nodding at me he went out... 

Yeah, I have to solve many things. Jiya is alive but her uncle declared that she is dead. Even I visited her grave in Paris..

That's means her uncle was laying all time. Something is wrong there and I need to solve this..

But I am lucky that Jiya is attending my hospital for her internship. I can spend time with her..

I don't know why but her brother Hasan called me and told me Jiya will attend my hospital.

I can win her once again then I will tell her everything.....


At Khan's Mansion

Jiya knock at her brother's study room and entered..

Hasan looked at her and asked," Jiya, you didn't sleep till now dear?"

"No vaia (brother). I am not feeling sleepy. And I have something to ask you" Jiya told him..

"Sure tell me" Hasan told her..

"I got a mail from ### hospital. Did you applied my CV there vaia  (brother)?" Jiya asked her..

"Yeah. I did" Hasan replied her..

"Why, vaia (brother)? We have our own hospital. I want to join there" Jiya told him..

"Jiya of course you can but that hospital needs good doctor now so I want to send you there. And after your internship you will join our own company" Hasan told her..

"Okay vaia (brother)" Saying this Jiya walked out..

"Why you did this?" Khushi asked him..

"Because I want Jiya and Armaan spend time together" Hasan told her and Khushi nodded at him....


After two months

"Black?" Armaan asked..

"No" Murat replied..

Red?" Armaan asked..

"No" Murat replied..

"Green?" Armaan asked..

"No" Murat replied..

"White?" Armaan asked..

"No" Murat replied..

"Blue?" Armaan asked..

"No" Murat replied..

"Yellow?" Armaan asked..

"What? Nooo" Murat replied..

"Purple? Armaan asked..

"No" Murat denied again..

"Are you serious Murat? I told you every color still now denying to select one shirt. Come on Murat it is not funny at all" Armaan told him annoyingly...

"So what should I do. I don't like those colors. Why we have only 7 color? It is so unfair" Murat mutter to himself and  Armaan looked at him angrily...

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