Billionaire's Second Chance

Chapter 27

Jiya's POV

After getting ready for hospital I come down for breakfast..

When I walked to the dining table I saw everyone already there waiting for me..

I walked towards my seat and we start eating our breakfast..

"Jiya your internship is going to finish next week right?" Hasan vaia (brother) asked me..

"Yeah,Vaia (brother). Then I can join our hospital" I told him..

"As your internship is going to end next week so you are going to marriage this month only" Jubayer vaia (brother) told and I stop eating..

"Why so suddenly vaia (brother)" I asked him nervously..

"Suddenly? We already talked about it dear. Also Hayat is also married now. It is high time for your marriage" Hasan vaia told me..

"Yeah. You both are right son. Jiya you should get married now dear" Aunty told me..

Hearing this I looked down feeling so nervous..

"We won't force you Jiya but look Fatima is your age and now she is a mother of three years old daughter. You shouldn't get married dear" Hasan vaia (brother) told me caressing my hair..

"Do you like someone dear?" Aunty asked me..

I looked at her and shook my head and speak up," No. I don't like someone"

"Jiya. Me and Khushi's mother were best friends. We both like sisters. We promised each other that we will get married our children to each other but our that wish is still unfinished. I want you get married to Armaan. Khushi's older brother only if you do not have any problem" Aunty told me..

"My brother will take care of you just like Hasan and Jubayer vaia (brother) do api (sister)" Khushi told me..

"Give her some time to thinks about it vaia (brother)" Fatima speaks up and everyone nodded at her...

After I had my breakfast I left for hospital..

Entering my cabin I start thinking about this guy Armaan. I do not know why but I always feel that I know him. He looks every familiar to me though I never saw him before. Sometimes I feel he is that person who broke me but his face is different. Also name different his name is Armaan Malik and his name is Armaan Ali..

I do not know but he looks very mysterious to me. Like he is trying to hides something.

I was thinking about him when a nurse entered my room with a boutique of red roses. My favourite flower..

I looked at the nurse confusingly and she speaks up,"Doctor. Jiya Mr. Armaan Ali told me to give you this"

I took the boutique and the nurse walked out..

Seeing the flower a sweet memory came in front of me..


I was sitting at our school canteen eating my lunch when Rahul my classmate come towards me and sat beside me..

"Jiya this is for you" Saying this he holds a red rose in front of me..

Seeing my favorite flower I smiled and took it without any question.

"Thank you"  I told him..

"It is my pleasure" He speaks up and starts eating his lunch..

After we had lunch we left canteen and entered our classroom.. I placed the red rose on my book carefully but someone snatched the rose from me..

I looked up and saw Arhaan is looking at the flower angrily..

"Give me flower back" I told him..

But he just looked at me angrily and throw the flower outside the window..

I looked at him shocked and speak up," Why you done this?"

"Why you accepted his flower?"He question me back..

I looked at him angrily and speak up," Because red rose is my favorite flower. And what is your problem if I accept his flower?"

He looked at me angrily and speaks up," I will buy you red roses and never again dare to accept anyone's flower"

"What you will do if I accept?" I asked him..

"I will beat the person" He replied angrily..

Hearing this I looked at him angrily but he walked away..

I sat down on my chair and start reading my book sadly...

After sometime Someone placed a boutique of red flower in front of her..

Jiya looked up and saw Armaan is standing in front of her..

"This is for you" Armaan speaks up..

Jiya smiled at her best friend and took the boutique happily..

"Dr. Jiya a girl name Hayat wants to meet you" A nurse speaks up breaking Jiya's thought..

"Okay send her" I replied and she nodded at me..

Soon Hayat entered my cabin..

Seeing her I got confused.

"Are you okay Hayat?" I asked her worriedly..

Smiling at me she replied," Yes, Api (sister) I am fine"

"So, why are you at hospital?" I asked her..

"I came to give lunch to Armaan vaia (brother). He forgot her lunch box at home so I come here to give it" She replied..

"Oh. Did you gave it to him?" I asked her..

"Yeah. I gave him and come here to meet you" She replied me..

"Oh, that's good. Tell me how are you doing after lunch?" I asked her..

"I am fine Api. Murat.. I mean Arhaan is taking a good care of me. He treats me like a baby" She told me and I smiled at her..

Soon she looked around the cabin and smiled..

"Why you are smiling at my cabin?" I asked her..

"Nothing api (sister) just remembering a sweet memory. Shall I share with you?" She asked me excitingly..

"Sure. Go ahead" I told her..

Well it is four years back

Me and Murat was at university students then...

"Murat I am asking the last time take the medicine" Hayat shouted at Murat.

" Hayat please love I am fine. It just a fever I will be fine by tomorrow. I don't want to take this bitter medicine” Murat told Hayat and put his head on table closing his eyes.

Yeah, Murat, is having fever from todays, but he doesn't want to take medicine..

" Oh really!! I am listening this line from last week Murat. And you are saying  Hayat please love I am fine. It just a fever I will be fine by tomorrow .I don't want to take this bitter medicine" Hayat copy Murat line in her cold voice while Murat smile at her but due to his weak condition he again closed his eyes..

Khurshida Khushi

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