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           Days have passed by quickly and mechanically in the life of Irene. She has to teach for six hours then go to the learning center for a four – hour tutoring then back home and spend five to six hours on video editing after dinner. Well this is the typical Irene, “stress” is not included in her vocabulary although she is with it every single day.

          She is lost in a deep thinking while staring at her opened laptop. Almost all of her colleagues have gone home.

          “Hey, Hey, there’s something new today” uttered Karen in amazement. “Have you lost your part time job at the learning center?”

          “No, it is their holiday, so I have no tutor class today.” Answered Irene who is now back to her senses.

          “And the girls are still in the dormitory and I have no company at home, so it is better to stay here” continued Keith seemingly guessed what Irene is about to say next.

          Irene laughed out loud agreeing to the words of Keith. Keith is Irene’s closest fellow and the common match maker in the organization. She often wins the deal of matchmaking where the couples often end up marrying except for Irene.

          “Are you still disturbed by your ‘sweet break up’? I have seen you staring at your laptop for a long time.” asked Keith to a now back to serious Irene.

          “Nope, life is too short, so I don’t have to spend it with distress. ‘Move on’ is my favorite idiom, right?” answered Irene confidently. “I am just thinking about our finances, Gabrielle is starting in the university next month while Raphaelle is on her fifth year, then her OJT in Singapore.”

          “Yeah, 2 girls in a prestigious university at the same time can surely drain a well.” Agrees Keith who is now brought to analyzing the situation of Irene. “But they are scholars, right? And you have your Youtube Channel isn’t that sufficient?”
          “Yes, they are scholars but how about their materials, instruments and about the channel I am still beginning so I don’t receive much yet.”

          “Why not consider your manager’s invitation that would solve everything.” Suggested Keith to Irene who disagreed immediately.


Irene’s Diary

          Dear Life, I know that you have been so good to me these past years. You had never let me down despite the fact that I carry this family alone. Please let me carry it safely to the shore while battling to these storms of life. I am at the brink of my life’s critical decision making, this time I don’t want to mess up. I have gone this far already, and I am seeing the rays of success, but these trials are crushing me down. I hope that I can surmount all of these.

Korea,… do I have to take it? No! I don’t want to go away from my daughters. But, the struggle is real. No matter how I compute and cut the budget I can see that we will run out of money in the next six months. How can I manage this financial crisis? I do not want to compromise the studies of my daughters or use our savings. I have to work harder for my channel. Next month I have to increase my views. But of course, it is not a guarantee.

I don’t want them to worry about our finances. I know them very well; they can’t stand seeing me so bothered by these crises. So I have to keep this a secret. I can do this. I still have that beacon of hope left.

Oh this is the perks of having two genius daughters…to have them both pursuing double courses. Can I say no or not this time if I can see their interests in what they are pursuing? Do I have to tell them the easier or cheaper course when that is really their dream course or to exaggerate where their heart belongs? I knew it from the start where their curiosity and analytical skills will bring them. But I am not prepared to the impact they will make to our finances. How can I make both ends meet in the next few months. Please LIFE, if you still have a spare string for me to hold on until I reach the end of this crisis, lend it to me now. I am in need badly.


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