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“Oh wow, this house has exaggerated webster’s definition of huge” whispered Irene to herself as she moves her gaze on the house from right to left, up and down.

          It is a big house built in an elevated area which makes it more appear to be double in size. Irene continued to be amazed on how the palace is designed and built as she was led inside the house by a palace manager and be introduced to her room.

Irene keeps on skimming on the notes she had taken down during a long orientation of the house rules and job descriptions. She seemed confused on some notes she had there on her notebook. Still confused she closed her notebook and turned off her alarm clock then head off to the study room of the students.

“Hi, I am Irene Reyes, and you can call me Teacher Irene. I will be your English tutor. I will be focusing more on your pronunciation and conversation skills. I want to know how far can you speak English and how much you know already about this language. So, I want you to introduce yourselves to me in English – please include your interests and goals in your introduction.”

The four kids introduced themselves as were told. Irene listened intently to every word they said and took down some notes. She went out from the study room with blank expression.


Irene’s Diary

            Is this what they call it palace? I have never seen one before. It is really big that it can hold a village, I guess. I just can’t understand the thoughts of people who would build such a big house when they barely live in it anyway. I guess this is not their palace but the palace of the staffs since they are the ones staying in it. How many more big houses do the family of these kids own? They have all of what the poor  and the commons pray and work for in life. And they just don’t have them enough but to the fullest. Oh, So, this is what they call it life, to have luxury and comfort… and, have it in extravagance. Oh still I can’t understand things but I hope their attitude will be as good as the place they are living in; as compassionate as the coziness of the place.

            ‘Never limit the kids when it comes to learning’ how can I do this when the rules would stop me to do so. How can I follow rules as numerous as those beautiful roses in the garden. I have lived a life with few rules to follow, how can I memorize these and do them? Do I have to bring this notebook anywhere? I guess taking a board exam is far easier than following some of the foolish rules here. Why do people love to complicate life when it is just simple to live? I do understand that this house is big and thus, it has a lot of rules, but it is better if rules are cut down right? But who am I to complain about this matter I am a newbie here. Besides I don’t know yet the real story of this place and the story of every family that is supposedly living here. I don’t care, I am not allowed to know it anyway. I have to do my job properly and well so that I will finish this contract happily. I know that there is something good that is or that are going to happen in this place. I am excited to meet them.

            Four kids of diverse interests and level. They can speak English actually but there are still a lot to polish. They are young; they all have what they need and ask; the comfort of life; but still they are incomplete. I pity them, at this early age of them, they can’t enjoy their childhood. They have to study those subjects dictated by their parents – reason: this is the line of their family business. What about their interests, will it be left unachievable forever? I miss my daughters. If they can see this  kind of situation of the kids, for sure they will condemn this kind of lifestyle.
            How can I teach these kids of different level simultaneously? I need to make them an English conversant in a year for they will be joining their parents abroad by the end of the year. I have to devise a great strategy, something that will not limit them and let them enjoy the freedom of their childhood.
            I thank God for this life we are enjoying this time. I can see that we don’t have the riches these kids are enjoying but we have the freedom they are longing for.  But if this is their practice then that means their cousins or siblings are of the same dilemma as theirs. I guess being rich is not a hindrance to freedom. Riches should be a bonus awarded or a privilege taken from using our freedom properly and well and not this kind of practice. There should be one who would make a move to change this practice or else the generations that are about to come will repeat this mistake. Oh, here I am again, I don’t have to waste my time analyzing their life or what. I don’t have the right to meddle in their undertakings. I have to live my life as usual.

            Oh positivity where are you now? I am sure that I have not left you behind. That’s what this place need, optimism and gay. I have to make this place a paradise by adding happiness to this very nice place. So what now, Good luck to me.


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