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“Wow! This is a house inside a house. So this is how spacious every room is in this house” whispered Irene to herself when she entered the room.

          A six – footer man in gray suite was standing by the window

          “Good Afternoon Mr. Woo” greet Irene to the man.

          Turning around, Ryan give Irene a casual look and bid her to sit on the sofa near his table.

          “Teacher Irene right?”

          “Yes Mr. Woo”

          “How are you doing with the kids?”

          “In my perspective sir, the teaching and learning process is going pretty well. The kids are cooperating with me.”

          “Teacher Irene, it came to my ears that you and the kids are playing inside the study room. You have started last month right, so for sure you almost memorized the rules in this house already. As their guardian I can’t allow you to do this. This is just a leisure of wasting time. If this is your strategy to get them into your lesson, then I have to tell you that it is not the standard. What are you going to do if they get hurt in the game? One more thing teacher, the kids have their nannies who are hired to fix their things or do any chores that you are asking them to do. Remember, they are going abroad in 8 months, so just focus on teaching them no more no less.”

          Irene never moved her gaze on the floor while Ryan is scolding her. She seems to absorb all the words of her boss but at the same time thinking what to do next. She did not say any word but to just nod in agreement.

          “Do you want to say something?

          Irene having lost all her courage that she was reserving had not say anything.

          “Ok you may go teacher.”

          She was about to get out the door when she get her courage back and speak

          “Sir, sorry but may I ask you this question? As their guardian what do you want the kids to become?”

          “I am just their temporary guardian, as long as they are under my custody I want them to be safe and do what they are supposed to do. Regarding their future, it is not mine to say.”

          “Last one sir, I know I should not be asking this one but I am just curious. Have you ever experienced, or have you ever been in the situation of the kids this time?”

          Ryan just gave a straight look at the eyes of Irene without saying a word which made Irene understand that her question is not meant to be answered.


Irene’s Diary
            Useless reasoning. How come that he himself doesn’t know what he wants for the kids. What kind of guardian is he. If he knows how to teach the kids then what is the use of hiring me as their tutor?. I am doing my job well he should be happy with that. Really? Leisure of wasting time? Wow, doesn’t he know that this is not merely playing? This is enjoying while learning. The kids will learn faster if they like what they are doing. Learning English is boring, what will happen if I am not going to give them games? Which is better seeing kids writing on their notebooks so bored and very passive or seeing the kids enjoying, playing and most of all practicing what they are learning? He should not meddle with my strategy in teaching. Hiring me means trusting me…that I can teach the kids the best that I could. Oh, common what do you want me to do. How do you want me to teach them?

            What now Irene, what are you going to do next. No, I can’t give up playing time. This is the fastest way that they can learn, but I guess I would be using the simpler game. I hope they can still hold their interest even though I will lessen the playing activity. Or I can let them sing and watch movies. I have to check what applies to them, I have to adjust. I am an employee so I will be the one to adjust my activities.

            It is our first time to meet awhile back, but he has given me already a negative impression. But I don’t care, he stays here rarely anyway. What could he be thinking about me? That I don’t know how to teach children? Then why did he hire me? But anyway he was not the one who hired me but Mr. Jang. I wonder how many tutors had passed this house already. But, he is undeniably handsome; tall, thick and well – managed eyebrows, protruding nose, crescent shape eyes and most of all neat looking. But I feel sorry for his wife or girlfriends----- if he has one, for he seems not to know how to smile. How boring life could be on his side everyday. Hahaha. Anyway today is still a good day despite that incident. I have more things to be thankful about and reasons to smile today.


Ryan’s Diary

            If it rains, it pours. It should have been better if it rains with better profit, but it is overflowing with problems this time. What’s the wrong move that we did? I have reviewed the previous actions that we have taken but why is it so that sales and profits keep regressing?

            The kids are going abroad before the year ends but they are not yet prepared for studying abroad. Oh, added stress, but I can’t do otherwise; this house is under my name so I am in charge of anything about this house.

            Irene Reyes, she seems not an ordinary teacher. Few words but even her simple words sting. Honestly, Teacher Irene, yes, I have been in their shoes. I have even experienced more than that. It’s good with them that they are going abroad and live with their family. but in my case I have to leave my family here and live with people I am not even related with blood just to be trained and become what I am this time. It is really difficult but that is already the custom, and that is also the reason why this family and its business is standing up to this time. Nobody could question this kind of training that we are going through, since it is proven.


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