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The surroundings are typically quiet and the night breeze is cool. This is the typical night where the sky and the stars can witness several couples walking hand in hand in the park. It is such a romantic night to behold.

The lights in the dining room are now turned off and it is dimly lit by the lights penetrating form the outside lights, that are intended to be turned on all night long. The people in the palace are all secluded in their respective rooms except for Irene who is sitting by the dining table. In her pajamas, with the headset covering her ears, Irene is deeply lost towards the editing that she is doing in her laptop. After almost two hours of working in front of her laptop, a smile finally curved in her lips revealing her perfectly formed white teeth that is visible even in the dark dining area.

“Yes!” shouted Irene to herself softly and stretch her arms with excitement.

“Ouch” came the voice of a man who is hit by Irene.

“Sorry sir” bows Irene to the man she had unintentionally hit, then runs to the switch to turn on the light.

“Mr. Woo?” uttered Irene in surprise looking at the man who is covering his eye with his hands “Sorry Mr. Woo, I didn’t know that there’s somebody behind me,” said Irene then ran to get a cold compress.

“What are you doing here in the dining area?” asks the pissed off man.
“Sorry Mr. Woo, I am just editing some works here.”
“Do you know this place and what is to be done in this place?” asks Ryan while accepting the cold compress that Irene is giving.

“Sorry Mr. Woo, I know that we have a room but I just do not want that my roommate will be disturbed by the open light and the noise of my typing. She is tired the whole day and that is the only rest that she had. So, I used the dining area.”

“Then, why the dining area, and why didn’t you turn on the lights?”

“The dining area is the nearest area to our room. And, I don’t have to use extra electricity for my personal concerns. Besides sir, I use this area almost every night and I didn’t encounter such accident from then.”

“I don’t want you to use this area at night anymore. This is not a study area. If you don’t like to disturb your roommate then use the study room.”

“Yes Mr. Woo that is noted. Let me take care of the bruise sir.”
            “No need. I can manage this. But I don’t want you turning this area a study room anymore” said Ryan whose anger is very obvious.

Irene packed her things immediately and return to her room.


Irene’s Diary

            Oh my Irene, that is very painful. How come that I didn’t even notice him enter the dining area. And why is he at my back…how long had he been there. Did he see what I was doing? I have been using the dining area almost every night and nobody peeks into what I am doing. But anyway he is my boss so he has the authority over all in this house.

            I should have dressed his bruise. That is painful. How can he go to work tomorrow with the bruise? He might be confused of being involved in a fight. Oh carelessness, I was caught again unguarded.

            The study room is in the second floor and the two rooms beside it is unoccupied. How could I use that big room alone during the night. It is creepy, but since it is the result of my carelessness then I have to follow. Anyway, I guess I will get myself used to it in the long run. And it is really fitting. It will also be a nice place to record some videos since it is very quiet. So in the next nights I will be in the study room.

Ryan’s Diary

            Aw! It is painful. How come that her fist is so strong. Is she a taekwondo player? She must be really happy. She is weird, among the many vacant rooms in this palace why did she use the dining area and worse why didn’t she turn on the light. She could have use any vacant room in the second floor. Oh my I can’t really accept her explanations; it is weird.

            She doesn’t want to disturb her roommate; wow! she is considerate to others’ feelings. I have never heard such reason ever since I take over this palace. But she has the point. These people have been working hard 24/7 but I have never look into their feelings if they are sick or not. I have never asked how they are doing. Ah, this teacher is interesting, I like to know this teacher better.

            Oh my, how is it such a bad bruised. It can’t be covered by sunglasses. I have to call Jenny and ask her to bring here the papers. I have to avenge this bruise tomorrow, just wait Teacher Irene you will see how this Ryan gets even to you. Hmmm

            Wait she was editing a video. Is she a vlogger? But no 30% yes and 70% no. She is very slow in editing videos. I can judge her work as an amateur, it needs to have major changes. Maybe she is just going to use it for her lesson. Aaahh no need to think of her. I still have to figure things out in the company. What is making its recession? Aaaah, what kind of situation is this.


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