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Another day is over in the life of Irene as a secretary. She hangs her bag and immediately opens her laptop to talk to her daughters. She has been hovering on the app for almost half an hour, but it keeps on crashing. Frustrated, she sent a message to Ryan who did not delay a minute to reach the doors of Irene’s room.

          “Good evening Mr. Woo” greeted Irene to Ryan upon opening the door. “Mr. Woo sorry to bother you, I really need to talk to my daughters, but the app keeps on crashing” continued Irene.

          “Alright, then let me in so I could troubleshoot it.”

          “Ah… boss, I guess it is better if we are going to use the study room. The people might misinterpret it seeing you in my room.”

          “hmmm… Ok, then in the study room.”

          Silence reigned the study room as Ryan fixes the laptop of Irene while she is watching carefully at his every move. In a few minutes he is done.

          “Ok try it out” commands Ryan to Irene confidently.

          “There you go. Thank you, Mr. Woo” says Irene which is heard by her daughters on the other line.
          “Hello beauties, I miss you so much. Sorry for not calling for several days.”

          “Hi mom, we miss you too” said the two girls in teasing smiles.

          “I don’t like that kind of smiles girls” said Irene. “Wait, where are you? Are you in a hospital? Why? What happened?” asks Irene to the girls that made Ryan who is standing nearby check on the screen of the laptop.

          Gabrielle focused the camera on the legs of Rapha which is bandaged from half of her thigh down to her foot.

          “Why, what happened? When did it happen?” another series of questions from Irene whose tears are now racing down her cheeks.

          “Mom, don’t cry, the doctor says it  is nothing serious. It’s just a bone dislocation” explains Rapha calmly to Irene.

          “What? A simple bone dislocation but it is bandaged from thigh to your foot. Are kidding me? Who are with you today?”

          Gabrielle focused the camera to all that are present in the room – Cristine, Dexter and Amanda.

          “See mom? There’s really nothing to worry about. I have a lot of people around me and I am really fine.”

          “Ok, since when have you been there?” asked Irene wiping her tears away.

          “This afternoon mom and the doctor says that I might be discharged soon.”

          “When will that SOON be?”

          “The doctor did not specify mom.”

          “Ok then Rapha remember to always stay safe. I will not make this call that long so that you can take some rest. I love you my beauties.”

          “We love you too mom, bye.”

          Irene freed the tears that she had been holding while talking to her daughters as she close her laptop. Ryan who is still standing nearby and is aware of what happened doesn’t know how to appease the crying Irene.

          “Mr. Woo, may I ask for a favor?”

          “Ok, say it.”

          “May I take a week leave? I want to go home and take care of my daughter until she will be discharged. I guess it is not merely a bone dislocation. They are not telling the truth. They just do not want me to worry, but I can’t just stay here and convince myself that everything is going to be ok --- which I know it will” said Irene who is continuously wiping her tears.

          “Ok, pack your things now and I will drive you to the airport.”

          Irene did not waste any minute and packed her luggage. In a few minutes, they are heading to the airport.

          “Mr. Woo, sorry for bothering you so much tonight and thank you for the help. I will return after a week.”

          “Look, I can’t offer our private plane since this is not a work - related matter. But please find time to notify me upon reaching your place. With that you will save me from worries.”

          “I will Mr. Woo, thank you so much.”


Irene’s Diary

            I can deal with stress easily but not with regards to my daughters. They are my reason why I am sacrificing and of course everything is nothing if I lose them. I know my daughters; they can’t hide anything from me. It was not a simple injury at all.

            I am very grateful that my boss had allowed me to have this work leave. The heavens had still pity on me that he had given me a good boss. If not for him I could not just go home and attend to my daughter. He even used his name and position to take that ticket. Well, how he did it, is not a question anymore. Maybe it is one of their companies. I don’t want to think about it anymore, but I have to reciprocate this kindness as come back here.

            Dexter is in the hospital together with Amanda. Why? Did the accident happen in the company of Dexter? Impossible. Does his presence mean that he keeps his promise? Well it is not a good idea anymore. He must look into the feelings of Amanda also and he should work out his relationship to Amanda. I have to learn all these things as I reach the hospital. Anyway, they don’t know that I am coming home. I have to talk to the doctor immediately first before settling everything to Dexter and Amanda.

Ryan’s diary

            My heart aches witnessing her tears falling down her cheeks. This is my first time I saw her cry. She really has the heart of a mother who suffers with the pain of her children. Her children are very lucky that she is their mother.

            There is goodness in all the problems that arise today. I’ve got time to bond with her through that troubleshooting thing in her laptop. So it means that she is not that good at fixing gadget matters and she recognizes mine that’s why she asked my help (well which is truly a piece of cake on my part). I hope she will have a lot of problems on her gadgets in the future. Another good thing with the troubleshooting is checking on the system of our competitor, well I can say that we are in a good fight. Now I’ve got an idea that could probably lift the lines of our electronics a bit higher.


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