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Ryan slowly crumpled the morning newspaper that he is reading as he is lost in a stare at the turned-on television. He suddenly turned off the television and throw the remote control forcefully back on the table. He turned to his opened laptop to send an email when he noticed this new email that he read intently.

What now Mr. Ryan Woo, will you just keep a blind eye to what is happening. The media has been feasting on the scandal for three days now and the rumors are getting worse everyday. Where is that very powerful CEO of W group of companies? This is not a threat but right now, I want to kill you for not protecting Irene. I have given you time to solve this very simple problem, but it seems that you are incapable of solving it which made the rumors get worse. She is a very decent woman unworthy to be disgraced in public. Act quickly if you don’t want to lose your girlfriend. Do not underestimate Irene’s capabilities. She knows what is going on, but she is just giving you the chance to figure things out. Tell her the truth; she might have a solution to this already.


I am Dexter the ex – boyfriend of Irene.

Do not repeat my mistake for it may crash her this time.
Send her home and I am going to protect her.


Message from YAMMS

Good Morning my Archer HARLI!

Remember to eat your breakfast before work.

Message from Archer HARLI

Good morning too YAMMS!

Just done eating breakfast.

‘Do not underestimate Irene’s capabilities. She knows what is happening.’

“Does she really know what is happening? If that’s the case, why is she not confronting me? How will I tell her the truth and how can I explain everything to her?” whispered Ryan to himself while looking at his phone.

Message from YAMMS

I miss you terribly!

When are you coming back?

Message from Archer HARLI

I’ll be back later tonight.

I love you and I miss you so much.


Ryan spent the day clearing the scandal but then again, the competitors are getting more and more information about Irene’s background and making up stories about it.

“Ryan, you’re back” said Irene as she runs towards him and hugged him.

“Why did you wait for me this late?” asked Ryan as he hugs her quickly and then moves his gaze around the palace.

“You look so tired. Have you eaten yet? I’ll cook for you.”

“Nope, I’m good. I just missed you so much” answered Ryan as he pulls Irene in his room.

“Wow, what a glamorous design. Classy but relaxed” says Irene as she moves around the room. “But your working room downstairs is much bigger than this.”

“Hahaha, you are really Irene. My only YAMMS” says Ryan as he stops Irene from moving around the room by hugging her from behind.

“Is that my acronym?” asked Irene which was responded by Ryan with a nod. “And what does it mean?”

You Always Make Me Smile” responded Ryan and then kissed Irene’s head while still in a back hug.

“Really? May I see that smile?” teased Irene as she tries to face Ryan but was not allowed by him since she was led to a small drawer by the wall.

While still in a back hug, Ryan holds the hand of Irene and guided her fingers in pressing a code.

“Remember this code because I won’t be repeating this anymore” said Ryan as they press the code 1433141 which opens a secret door that leads to a very small room which could only fit two people standing.

“1433141… hahaha it is very easy to decode. There are only three numbers on it. Does it mean something?”

“I love you constantly” answered Ryan that leaves Irene in a stare at his eyes. “that’s the meaning of the code. 143 is I love you and 3141 is Pi” explained Ryan. “Now press that same code for this room is not comfortable once I lose control of my urge” said Ryan which brings Irene back to her senses and press the code nervously.

The code opens the small room introducing them to a big room. The room is designed artistically in an ‘under the sea’ theme. It is like a house built at the bottom of the sea where you can see the calmness of the water and the gay of different sea creatures.

“Wow! It looks real” said Irene in amazement as she moves and touches every part of the wall. “The designer is explicitly good.”

“So you’re saying that I am good.”

“Really? You are the designer? Wow, you are not good at all… you’re the best” complimented Irene with two thumbs up. “Wait, did you design also the garden?” asked Irene which was responded by Ryan with a nod.

“Being a CEO is not easy and I could also consider it as slavery; so, I find ways to vent my stress and I found this hobby as my outlet.”

“Oh I see, it is just your hobby. Hahaha you’re now sounding like my friend.”

“Is he Dexter?” asked Ryan that stops Irene from moving around the room and sit beside Ryan in the sofa.

“I’m sorry Ryan, I didn’t mean to include him here.”

“I’m just fine. Honestly, he emailed me this morning.”

“So, it has already gone international” said Irene with a sigh that made Ryan look at her.

“I am sorry for the scandal.”

“I want to say that I am not affected since the accusations are not true, but I guess they are now going far below the belt. But I can still bear them” said Irene with assurance. By the way, what have you found out?”


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