Bionic Luna

Chapter 2

Like every Friday morning, Cameron visited his father in the Mayor’s office. They would usually discuss problems about the pack interacting with the neighboring human community, but today they only had one topic on the agenda. That also explained why, Evelyn, Cameron’s mother, was also in his father’s office.

While both Cameron and his father were similar in height, well above six feet, with Cameron slightly towering at 6’7’’, both men were muscled and strong, with broad shoulders and piercing blue eyes. Alexander had black hair, while Cameron inherited his mother’s light brown hair that he didn’t cut but wore shoulder-length. Anyone who looked at them wouldn’t have guessed that they were father and son, maybe brothers, but definitely worthy of any modeling job thrown at them.

Evelyn was the epitome of femininity. At 5’9’’ she was tall for human and even werewolf standards, but still dwarfed by her 6’5’’ tall husband and even taller son. Her light brown curls were usually hanging over her shoulders reaching to the small of her back giving her an angelic appearance no matter time of day. Her hazel eyes and fair skin accentuated her natural charm. Her delicate features with high cheekbones and full lips made her look much younger than she actually was earning her countless compliments from men and spiteful looks from women. Obviously, none of those came ever from her pack, but from those who didn’t really know her. It didn’t even matter to her what those people had to say. The only opinion that ever mattered to her was her mate’s.

Alexander was very much in love with her today as the day he first laid eyes on her. Even if they wouldn’t have been destined to be together or werewolves to facilitate their relationship, Alexander knew that this woman would have captured his attention and once he got to know her better, he was absolutely certain that he would have fallen irrevocably in love with her.

“Is everything ready?” Alexander asked his wife, smiling lovingly at her as she sat across from his desk next to their son.

“Yes, dear. Our guests have arrived and they are all anxious for the festival later this afternoon,” Evelyn informed them. Alexander nodded in approval, before turning his attention to his son. Cameron just rolled his eyes. He knew where this was going.

“Maybe this year, son,” Alexander said, his eyes soft, almost pitiful.

Every werewolf, usually, starts looking for their mate the moment they first shift. For Cameron that was ten years prior, when he was twelve. Obviously, at that age he wasn’t very anxious to find a mate, not that he would have been ready for it. Most wolves shift at the age of sixteen, but those with alpha blood shift sooner. However, after his seventeenth birthday, when most of his friends had found their mate, Cameron started getting anxious. It got so bad, that he convinced his parents to let him travel to other packs, under the pretext to introduce himself as the next Alpha of the Wolf’s Hill Pack, while at the same time secretly searching for his one true love. But after he went to almost every pack in the United States, Cameron started losing hope. At some point, he was convinced that he didn’t have a mate or that, perhaps, she was dead or maybe the Moon Goddess just didn’t make one for him.

He got so depressed that he didn’t care with whom he slept with, earning him the title of player. It was only after his mom sat him down one afternoon, after a fight he had with his dad, that she told him that she was disappointed. Hearing her say those words about him crushed his heart. He loved his mom very much and he never once wanted to disappoint her. Sure, he often had arguments with his dad, but that’s because they were both so stubborn. His mom, however, was like his guardian angel and he swore when he was a little boy that he would always protect her and make her proud of him. When he failed to do so, he knew he needed to change.

A knock on the door pulled Cameron out of his daydream. His dad’s assistant came in announcing that Shiloh Andrews, the owner of the new factory just arrived and asked if the mayor was available.

“Tell Mr. Andrews to come in,” Alexander said smiling. Nicole, his assistant, shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other, making her boss look at her curiously.

“Um, it’s actually Ms. Andrews,” Nicole informed. Alexander’s eyes widened for a moment, surprised that a woman was in charge, but shook it off, remembering that he had married a very capable woman himself. Being a male wasn’t always a guarantee of being successful in life. Many women, wolves and human alike, could be respected experts in their fields. He really needed to get this macho crap out of his system. Then again, it was in his nature to be protective over females, especially his mate.

“Send her in, please,” he finally told Nicole, who just nodded, and turned towards the person waiting to be allowed in.

“Mayor Johnson is ready for you now, Ms. Andrews.”

Cameron watched with rapt attention as Nicole explained that both he and his mother were also in the office. The mystery woman only gave Nicole a polite “thank you” before being allowed to actually enter the office.

The first thing that hit Cameron was her scent. It was something sweet, vanilla with something he couldn’t quite identify. What was it? It was fruity. Strawberry? No. Peaches? No. It smelled exotic. Papaya, maybe. Yes. Definitely, papaya. Damn! His mouth was watering.

What seemed like forever to Cameron was merely a second or two, as the new arrival in Wolf’s Hill entered the office, and smiled politely towards the three Johnsons.


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