Bionic Luna

Chapter 4

Cameron was crazy after he lost his mate. He looked for her everywhere, while his warriors took care of the rogues. It took him a little while to pick up her scent, and when he did, he felt relieved. His moment of calm, however, dissipated when he reached an old tree where her scent abruptly ended. It was as if she just disappeared into thin air. If something happened to her, he would never forgive himself. He’d prayed to the Moon Goddess to watch over his angel, not letting any harm come to her. He would gladly give his own life in exchange for hers or stay away from her if she so chose to reject him, but he pleaded with the goddess to keep her save.

“Did you find her?” came his father’s voice from behind him.

“No,” Cameron growled.

“Maybe she went back home,” Noah offered, and Cameron looked up. Why didn’t he think about that? But where was her home? He only knew where her factory was. None of them bothered to ask where she lived. How dumb could he have been not to find that out?

“I don’t know where she lives,” Cameron admitted and felt like someone sucker punched him in the gut.

“Dad?” Noah asked, hoping Alexander, as the mayor, would know, but his father could only shake his head. He had no idea.

“But we know where her factory is. Maybe someone there knows where her house is,” Alexander offered. There couldn’t be many places after all. Wolf’s Hill was a small town. He knew where everyone lived. Maybe if she wasn’t at the factory, he could mind link the pack and ask if the newest resident was living with any of them.

The three men hurried to the factory and as they approached, Cameron got a strange feeling. It felt like a pain in his head that was dulled but still there. He felt as if something gross tried to slither out of his brain and down his nose, to reach the outside world. What the hell was it? He couldn’t tell. But whatever it was, it made him want to claw at his brain, making the pain go away. It was a good thing he was a werewolf and had a higher tolerance when it came to pain. If he was human, this pain would have been excruciating.

Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but wonder if the pain he felt wasn’t Shiloh’s. Their bond was still weak, but it was there. The idea of her in pain made him both angry and afraid. He knew that he caused her pain, but he was more afraid over losing her.

Reaching the facility, Cameron, his brother and father couldn’t help but stare at the pristine looking factory. It was a white building that didn’t look like much from the outside, yet it made you realize that it wasn’t ordinary. Thanks to the security company he had, a way of income and perfect to hide his true nature from the world, he noticed several hidden check points. When they got to the door, a light went on, shining down on them, before a voice was heard.

“How may I help you, gentlemen?” Nigel’s voice came through the intercom.

“Is Shiloh in there?” Cameron asked immediately.

“Indeed, she is,” the Englishman answered, his monotone voice getting on Cameron’s last nerve.

“I want to see her,” he practically ordered. Alexander tried to calm his son down, but he too was worried for the girl.

“I am sorry, but Shiloh is indisposed now. Please, come back another time,” the voice replied casually.

“Now, listen here,” Cameron growled, but his father stopped him.

“Please, we just want to make sure she is alright. Could you please ask her to talk to us for a moment,” Alexander asked politely, knowing full well that if they acted like a raging Hulk, neither Nigel nor Shiloh would speak to them. After all, they were trespassing, and Shiloh didn’t owe the Johnson men any kind of explanation.

“Shiloh had a migraine, and took a painkiller. She fell asleep a moment ago. I would hate waking her up, causing her more pain,”came Nigel’s softer tone. Alexander looked towards his sons. It was futile to try again, he knew that. He understood Cameron, though, but they needed to wait for Shiloh to reach out to them.

“Thank you, Nigel. Please, tell Shiloh we hope she feels better soon and if it isn’t too much of an inconvenience to call my office and let me know she is alright,” Alexander told Shiloh’s assistant. There was nothing they could do, and they knew it.

Reluctantly, the three men left the property after Nigel promised to deliver the message, but Cameron wasn’t happy at all. He had such high hopes for that evening, but everything got ruined by Roxanne and the rogues.


Roxanne wasn’t to blame. After all, he did sleep with her, despite knowing about her reputation. The rouges were handled just fine by his warriors. However, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something else was going on. He knew that mates felt each other’s pain, but until Cameron and Shiloh were mated, everything was dulled down and confusing.

Alexander couldn’t help him much with that and it was too late for Cameron to visit his uncle again. All he could do was hope that Shiloh would let him explain.

“Did you guys notice that this Nigel dude had no scent?” Noah suddenly asked. At that, both Alexander and Cameron turned to look at the younger Johnson. They both thought about it, and came to the same conclusion.

“Do you think he knows how to mask his scent?” Cameron asked seriously.

Alexander had no idea. Unless Nigel was a wolf, which didn’t seem likely, it was a hell of a feat to mask one’s scent. In fact, even supernatural creatures had a hard time masking their scent. Whoever or whatever Nigel was, they needed to stay alert.


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