Bionic Luna

Chapter 5

A week. Shiloh was gone for a week. Well, not a whole week. The morning after the Howl Festival, Shiloh woke up in her bedroom, feeling the aftereffects of the killer headache she had the previous night, only to be brought back by the message Alexander Johnson and his two sons left for her. Shiloh didn’t really know what to think of their insistence to meddle in her life, but understood why they were concerned. After all, she left the festival without as much as a goodbye. She then decided to call Alexander’s office, letting him know that she was fine, making sure to thank him for his concern, but to rest assured. He then proceeded to invite her over for dinner, but she declined, saying she had to travel to meet some business partners. Obviously, that was a lie. Well, half of it was a lie.

In reality, Shiloh had to go fix her satellite that got hit by space junk. Again. Who would have thought being a billionaire genius would be so troublesome.

Before she left, Shiloh instructed Nigel to keep the factory in good shape and alert her of any unusual activity. It wasn’t uncommon for her competitors to try and sneak a peek at what she was working on, but she was confident that her security measures were enough to keep those Nosy O’Donnells out.

Her main concern was to fix her satellite and update its software to help her get better data. Her main problem, however, was the space junk left by every other space agency in the world. That is why she modified one of her car armors that she specially designed for military Humvees to withstand bombings, to shield her precious, state-of-the-art satellite from being constantly hit by garbage.

Thankfully, the whole thing didn’t take her too long, and within two days she was done with the repairs and the software update. Not wanting to return right away, especially since she still felt so conflicted over one very handsome man in Wolf’s Hill, Shiloh decided to go visit her family. It has been a while and Shiloh felt as if she betrayed them.

Setting course for her birth town, Shiloh prepared herself for the emotional storm that she was about to enter. But that same storm was familiar and soon enough, they would be reunited forever. A part of her was happy to see them again, whilst another, a more primal one wanted to stay where she was. The desire was there before, being it programmed in any human’s DNA. However, since she met Cameron, Shiloh couldn’t help but wanting to stay, to be with him.

She shook her head abruptly. What was she thinking? Cameron was probably in a relationship with the woman he kissed at that damn festival. Shiloh still couldn’t understand why she felt so jealous and betrayed. It wasn’t as if they were dating. Heck, they had just met that same day. Sure, Cameron sent her signals that he was interested. But how interested could he have been if he kissed other women right in front of her? Also, she still had no right to be upset. He didn’t ask her out or declare his undying love for her.


What was she even doing? It didn’t matter in the slightest if Cameron was single or taken. There was no chance in hell she would allow him near her. After all, she wouldn’t be around much longer, she knew that now. No matter how good her nanobots worked, and they did, time was running out for Shiloh, and she needed to finish her projects.

While Shiloh was on her way to visit her family, Cameron was out of his mind worried. Not only didn’t he know where his mate was, but on top of all, he didn’t trust that Nigel guy. The fact that he was evasive with Cameron when the Alpha went to visit the factory only made him more suspicious of the foreigner with no scent.

He listened to his father, though, and didn’t cause trouble. The last think he needed was for Shiloh to come home and find a beaten up assistant. No, Cameron needed to be smarter about it. He needed to find out who this guy was and what he was hiding.

He ordered Dylan, his Beta, along with two of his best warriors to investigate the matter. Cameron had a suspicion that perhaps Nigel was lying to them and that Shiloh never left Wolf’s Hill. But as much as he wanted to find out the truth, he couldn’t as long as he just sat on his ass while waiting for his mate to make a public appearance again.

Therefore, for the past three days, Dylan, and two other wolves, patrolled the area around Shiloh’s factory, looking for signs of any activity, but as far as they could tell, nothing happened. It was even stranger, because while there was no visible fence, they could all feel a force field of some sort that prevented them from getting to close to the building. Though they couldn’t sniff out either Shiloh or catch a scent of the mysterious Nigel, they still discovered some oddities.

First, it was clear that Shiloh had something to hide, since her security was well beyond anything they have seen. Secondly, while more secluded, Shiloh’s house was located behind the factory, effectively shielded from the forest trail on the West side, the forest to the north, the access road to the east and partially hidden by the factory to the south, making it look as if it was part of the structure.

What was even more peculiar was that there were no signs of life anywhere near the factory – no cute little bunnies, critters or even birds. It was as if the whole animal kingdom decided to avoid the area. Dylan and his team felt uncomfortable, it was true, but not enough to make them leave.

That was precisely the reason why Nigel contacted Shiloh. He found it odd that three wolves, bear-like wolves in all honesty, would come that close to their electro-magnetic and partially radioactive fence. The radiation was minor and was harmless to living beings. It only rubbed the animals the wrong way, making them skedaddle back into the woods.


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