Bionic Luna

Chapter 6

It was ten a.m. It has been a week since Cameron met his mate, and just as long since he last saw her. He hoped that if he would sneak around her factory she would show herself, even by accident but it seemed like the earth had swallowed her whole.

Maybe Nigel spoke the truth, and she did leave town to go on a trip. He couldn’t even smell her enticing scent which bothered him even more than he cared to admit.

Even his trusted friend and Beta had nothing new to report. He and his team stayed out for a long while during the night, but at some point after two a.m., Cameron mind linked them, telling them to go home to their mates and have a goodnight’s sleep.

He envied them. They had a mate to go home to, while his was gone. Only the Goddess knew where she was and what she did. He could only hope that she was safe and that no other man had touched her. But all his worries would fade soon and be replaced with even bigger ones and definitely more questions. If Cameron thought he had the biggest secret in their still-non-existent relationship, then he had another thing coming.

Cameron found himself in Alexander’s office again, and unlike the weeks before, his sole focus was on his mate. Alexander had tried to calm him down, but even he found it strange and nerve-wrecking that the young woman was missing for so long. He didn’t want to say anything to Cameron, but he asked Evelyn to go and check if perhaps Shiloh had come home and hoped that she was just too busy with work. It wasn’t as if Shiloh owed them a phone call. Just as he tried to reassure his son that he hadn’t blown his chances, someone came barging into his office.

“Alpha, you’ll never believe this,” Dylan practically shouted.

Both father and son looked at the Beta and wondered what in the Goddess’ name could have happened to freak him out.

“Dylan, calm down. What happened?” Alexander asked, but just then, an infernal sound was heard above them. Whatever it was, it casted a shadow over the mayor’s office, followed by a loud crash.

Rushing outside, the three men went to see what happened, when their attention was directed towards a dust cloud coming from the area Cameron’s house stood. Without thinking twice, Cameron bolted towards his house wondering what the hell that thing was.

He heard several pack members mind linking him, some asking questions, others talking about UFOs and whatnot. Cameron wasn’t one to believe in nonsense like aliens and UFOs, but something sure as hell crashed into his house. The question was – what?

As he reached the impact site, Cameron stopped to assess the damage. Dylan and Alexander already ordered the other wolves who came to see what had happened to move aside. Cameron had to admit, whatever that thing was that crashed into his house, it looked like it came out of Star Wars. He swore, if Han Solo would come out of that thing, he’d revisit every conspiracy theory ever and look at it in a different light.

Dylan and Alexander made sure that everyone was moving backwards to avoid anyone getting hurt. Cameron was too curious, though, and moved closer to the metal monstrosity currently parked in what once was his living room. But as he approached it apprehensively a buzzing sound followed by a hiss was heard, capturing everyone’s attention.

Every pair of eyes was directed towards the UFO in their Alpha’s house as a door opened and an eerie red light shone from the inside. Not a minute later, a strange figure, dressed in a dark suit, with what looked like a metal backpack and a shiny silvery helmet emerged from inside, making Cameron seriously question all he ever knew about the world.

The mysterious alien heaved itself out of its ship and stumbled outside while holding their left side. A part of Cameron wanted to go and help whoever or whatever the alien was, but another part of him held back. He had no idea who this person was and he sure as hell didn’t want to scare it.

The alien seemed to look up for a moment, seeing the large number of curious people gathered around Cameron’s house, before slightly hanging their head forwards. Cameron watched with rapt attention as the figure turned around and returned inside the metal craft.

Cameron looked around as well, and saw that his pack was just as speechless and stunned as he was. They were all witnessing something incredible but it only seemed to him as if he was watching a movie.

The figure reached inside its ship and grabbed several Frisbee-sized rings. Cameron wondered what that was all about and he had a feeling, the alien was going to play fetch with them. Realizing that the rings might be some sort of alien weapon, Cameron ordered his people to step further back, while subconsciously taking a step forward. To his surprise, though, the figure started throwing the rings at its own ship, making them stick to the outside walls and lighten up a neon blue.

A car behind him came to a stop with a screech, and every pair of eyes landed on the white car that looked as if it came from the future. Cameron had never seen a car like that, at least not outside of a movie theater.

The car doors opened and his mother along with Shiloh’s assistant got out. Evelyn went straight to her mate, while Nigel went to the back of the car, retrieving a curious machine. It looked like a sensory deprivation tank but it was mainly made of glass. Nigel rolled it closer to towards the alien spacecraft, when the alien stepped forward.

“Are you alright,” Nigel asked calmly.

The figure before them shook its head, and pointed towards its helmet. Nigel took that as an invitation to help the alien out of its helmet but with the figure slightly hunching forward and Nigel standing in front of it, Cameron couldn’t see what the alien looked like.


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