Bionic Luna

Chapter 7

Shiloh returned home in no time and immediately went to take a shower. She was grateful for the moment of peace and quiet that she had, especially after the strange morning she experienced. It wasn’t the first time when she got hurt, but it was definitely scary.

Shaking the upsetting thoughts out of her head, Shiloh remembered Cameron’s concerned eyes when he learnt that it was her in the spacecraft and that she got injured. Ever since she met him, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. It didn’t matter that she kept telling herself that it would be a bad idea to indulge into anything romantic, even if it broke her heart being away from him.

That was even more confusing, given that she only just met the guy. She felt as if someone put a spell on her. There hasn’t been a day since they met that she hadn’t thought of him; it hadn’t been a night since they met that she hadn’t dreamt of him. In all fairness, Cameron burrowed his way into her mind and heart without much effort and it both confused and frightened Shiloh.

If Cameron was able to do that after just a couple of brief encounters, how could she keep herself from falling for the guy?

Under normal circumstances, Shiloh wouldn’t have given him a second of her time, and not just because of her current condition, which she constantly had to remind herself of. It was more because she didn’t believe a man like Cameron would be interested in someone like her. At least nothing more than a sexual relationship. Perhaps, if she would indulge in that desire, keeping whatever they had in a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship it wouldn’t be so hard for him to let go once the time came.

However, as much as Cameron looked like the player type, the truth was, Shiloh didn’t know him. He seemed too concerned for her wellbeing earlier that day to be interested in her as just a random sex buddy. That, of course, would have been wonderful if her health wouldn’t have been as deteriorated as it was. If Cameron sought out a romantic relationship with her, beyond the physical, then Shiloh couldn’t give in. He seemed a good enough person to not be put through her ‘episodes’.

No. She couldn’t do that. Even if he was just a player and only wanted her as a sex friend, she couldn’t allow him to get too close to her.

It was already hard enough for her to accept her fate herself, she didn’t want to deal with other people’s emotions regarding her health.

“Shiloh?” came Nigel’s voice through the intercom.

“I’m in the shower. Can it wait?” she asked, her voice showing her annoyance.

“The wolves are back,” he replied casually.

At the mention of the large wolves, Shiloh finished her relaxing shower, and dried off. All she wanted was to put his shirt back on, allowing it to calm her down. She didn’t know why his simple scent calmed her to the point of bliss, but it did. However, she didn’t want to damage it, and decided to put on some dark grey capris and a black tank top. Her short hair was still wet but she decided to just let it dry naturally.

Shiloh went into her lab, where she had monitors that showed everything her hidden cameras picked up. Just like Nigel had informed her, the three wolves had returned, rounding her lab curiously. Shiloh couldn’t understand why they did that. She didn’t know much about wolves, at least nothing too extensive when it came to behavioral patterns, but she knew that what they did was odd. It was almost as if they were looking for something.

Remembering that in the wee hours of that day she had deployed nanobots into the three wolves’ bodies, Shiloh asked her AI, Sarah, to show her the results of the scans that were performed.

Shiloh read the results of the blood tests, tissue samples and even gathered information on their metabolism. Everything she read seemed odd. Then again, the size of the animals was just as odd. Perhaps it was due to their size that the results came back so peculiar.

“Did you run a DNA test?” Shiloh asked the AI.

“Yes. Here are the results,” Sarah answered, projecting the three DNA structures.

Taking a step closer to the holographs of the three structures, Shiloh noticed that they looked different from a regular wolf’s.

“Sarah, did you record the progression of blood, metabolism and DNA throughout the day?” she asked curiously.

“Yes. Here it is,” the AI replied, and a new holograph appeared showing the progression of the results from the moment the wolves ingested the nanobots throughout several hours. But around 2.30 a.m., Shiloh noticed that the DNA structure changed slightly. If she wouldn’t have paid close attention to it she might have missed it. The DNA strand seemed to resemble a human one more than a wolf, yet it wasn’t.

As Shiloh stared at the anomaly of the DNA structure before her, a thought crossed her mind. Somewhere in her mind palace, Shiloh had stored the memory of a similar structure. Thinking back at the time she first saw it, she also remembered where she saved it on her server.

“Sarah, please bring up DNA sample JD0856,” she ordered her AI. Within seconds, the AI complied and a fourth DNA structure appeared.

Comparing the old structure with the three new ones, Shiloh couldn’t help but gasp. They looked almost identical. Sure, they weren’t exactly the same, but the core structure that determines the species was the same.

Shiloh needed to perform some more tests. Ordering Sarah to lower the electro-magnetic force field around her factory to ten percent, Shiloh instructed Nigel to prepare the trap doors to the lab on Level 4.


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