Bionic Luna

Chapter 8

Shiloh was just finishing a new design, when Sarah alerted her of a change in the wolves’ DNA. Wanting to see with her own eyes what went on, Shiloh pulled up the video footage of the three cells. What she saw left her speechless.

Where once lay three wolves were now three men; three very naked men. Shiloh knew that it was a possibility, but she was too logical to admit that a myth was real. Yet the proof of it was staring her right in the eyes or rather she was staring at its naked form.

Blushing violently, Shiloh ordered Nigel to bring them some clothes and prepare a meal for them. She herself went downstairs to where their cells were located, knowing that soon enough they would wake up. But as she moved to stand up, one of the men turned around and she recognized him. It was the same guy that was talking to Cameron that morning.

Did Cameron know that this man was a… was she really ready to admit it out loud? Evidence pointed towards it. Why should she deny it? Because it is so ridiculous, she thought to herself. Or is it?

Shaking her head, Shiloh hurried downstairs, just in time as Nigel exited the room where the three men were still in their cells. The cells weren’t actually prison cells, but cubes. Technically, the room was meant for the storage of devices Shiloh didn’t need anymore, but seeing that she had no other option, she put the three wolves in there. Locked with a bulletproof glass door, the cubes kept the wolves inside until Shiloh could figure out if they were dangerous or, worse, if someone was dangerous to them.

“Are they decent?” Shiloh asked her assistant.

“I just handed them their clothes through a crack in each cell,” Nigel replied, and Shiloh frowned.

“Why didn’t you let them out?” she inquired curiously.

“You didn’t tell me to,” he replied in his trademark calm voice. Shiloh rolled her eyes and ordered him to go make them something to eat since she herself felt a little peckish.

Shiloh entered the room and immediately got slammed against one of the cells. She didn’t fight back, wanting to assure her attacker that she wasn’t a threat. Sure, she drugged and encaged them, but she never meant to hurt them. A loud growl made her shudder and she almost expected someone to slit her throat or strangle her to death, instead the person holding her was pulled backwards.

Shiloh fell to her knees, and gasped for air, more to calm herself down then to fill her lungs with oxygen. She had to admit, she was a little scared. What was she thinking? She tip-toed around the notion yet was unwilling to admit it out loud.

They were werewolves. Apex predators that could easily kill her right on the spot. In her defense, she wasn’t sure they were werewolves when she drugged them. Thinking of that made her cringe. What was she thinking?

“Shiloh, are you alright?” came the voice of one of the men. Shiloh turned around with apprehension, looking the man in the eyes. He was the one who talked to Cameron earlier but she didn’t know his name. “Shiloh?” he repeated her name, concern laced in his voice along with frustration, she thought.

Shiloh only nodded and briefly looked at the men. He was handsome, with short black hair, warm brown eyes, a pointy nose and thin lips. His body was the body of an underwear model, yet he didn’t even come close to the gorgeousness that was Cameron. Blushing because of where her thoughts took her, she looked down, only to entertain an even darker shade of red as she realized that the man kneeling next to her was stark naked.

Dylan, seeing her deep blush, smiled smugly at her reaction, and ordered his men to put the clothes on that her assistant brought them. He too stood up and hurried to put the generic overall on not wanting to make her more uncomfortable. Not to mention, Cameron would have their heads if they flaunted their junks in Shiloh’s face.

“Are you decent?” she asked shyly.

“Yes, we are. You can turn around now,” Dylan told her, his voice amused.

Shiloh did so, and looked up from where she was still on the ground. Dylan offered her his hand and she took it with a sheepish smile.

“Thanks,” she said.

“You’re welcome. Mind telling me why you captured us?” he asked and tried to reassure her that he wasn’t angry. If anything, he kind of understood her reaction. Three oversized wolves lurking around her factory. Of course, she would get curious or even scared. Though, the fact that she managed to capture them was a feat in itself, and it made him proud that his Luna was so ingenious.

“Uh, yeah, about that. I’m really sorry,” Shiloh said, and Dylan was surprised.

“You drugged us,” Marco growled at her, making her flinch. Dylan gave him a death glare and tried to mind link him, but he couldn’t. He then tried to alert his Alpha but nothing happened. He needed to ask her about it, but wasn’t sure how.

“Marco, enough!” Dylan ordered.

“I’m sorry,” Shiloh said again, and Dylan’s attention was back on her. She seemed shy around them and it bothered him. She would be their leader soon, along with Cameron. But she was human and didn’t know all those things.

“It’s okay. We would have probably done the same if someone came to our house and we wouldn’t have known what they wanted,” he told her, but looked pointedly at his men, telling them with his eyes to be gentle.

“I thought you came here to seek refuge,” she told them. She wasn’t sure of that, but knew that there must have been a reason for their nightly visits.


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