Bionic Luna

Chapter 19

After Cameron and Shiloh finished their breakfast, they both went to take a shower. He was glad that Dylan had brought him some clothes yesterday morning, so that he had a change. He really needed to go shopping since he couldn’t go back to his house. Thinking of that, he was wondering how he would fix it, but also wanted to ask Shiloh…

“Ask me what?” came her voice.

They were once again in the shower, but unlike the night before, they decided to just start their day and go to the pack doctor to get Shiloh some effective birth control.

“Did I open my mind to you?” Cameron asked amused, and Shiloh just shrugged. She still had a lot to learn about the mind link, but she didn’t mind taking her time.

“I was wondering if you would like to move in with me? Mated wolves usually live in the same house,” he told her honestly.

“Sure. Do you wanna live here or your house,” she replied, not really caring. It wasn’t as if she had to live in her house to be close to work, given that she didn’t even have to be in the factory in order for it to produce her products.

“I guess, for now we could live here, but once my house is ready, we should move in there. As the Alpha couple, we need to be close to the pack,” he explained and Shiloh nodded, before frowning.

“Cam, the house is done. I fixed it,” she told him. He gave her a skeptical look. “I mean it, babe. I’ve told you it would be ready by the time you go to bed. Not my fault you slept in my bed that night,” she added smirking. Shaking his head, Cameron kissed her cheek and asked her how she fixed it. Shiloh, however, told him it was her secret, but they could check it out after finishing the meeting with the pack doctor.

Obviously, Cameron was curious to find out how his house looked like or if she really fixed it the way she said she did, but considering all the wonders she showed him, he had little doubt left that she would deliver what she had promised.

Driving into town was relaxing, but Shiloh still felt a little nervous considering that she hadn’t seen a real doctor since she was diagnosed with the deadly tumors in her head. She truly hoped that this doctor wouldn’t give her any devastating news, but only joyful ones. One of those would be her being pregnant.

Ever since Cameron mentioned it, Shiloh couldn’t help thinking of them having kids. It still scared her a little, but mainly because she didn’t know what to expect. However, she doubted that any soon-to-be mother knew what to expect. She wished she would have her own mother or at least her grandmother with her to guide her, but in the end, she wanted a happy life with Cameron and she wanted to give him what he wanted, and that was a family of his own. If she would have been still a human, she was sure she would have had her doubts about how involved he would be once the baby would arrive, but as a wolf, she saw the world differently, understood things the way humans couldn’t. But most importantly, she trusted Cameron. He would always be by her side. And she had a suspicion that his family would be delighted to have the next generation of alpha pups to care for. That was one aspect that became rare to completely non-existent in the human world. While people still used the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, humans didn’t live up to it. Werewolves were different. She knew that from both her research and the way his own family was welcoming her.

“It is an honor to meet you, Luna,” the doctor said as Cameron and Shiloh entered his office. In the car, Cameron asked her to not let the pack call her Shiloh. It was important that everyone understood that she was above them, that she was their leader. Obviously, family and friends were allowed to call them by their given names, but even they were required to call them Alpha and Luna around other pack members.

“Nice to meet you, too,” Shiloh said, friendly.

Dr. Gordon was a forty-something man, tall, but not as tall as Cameron, perhaps 5’9’’, kind brown eyes and dark brown hair. You could tell the man was rather indoorsy due to his profession, but his physique betrayed his supernatural background.

“Alpha Cameron told me that you needed my help with something,” the doctor said with a smile. Shiloh fought the urge to roll her eyes. Looking at her mate, Shiloh quirked an eyebrow, silently challenging Cameron.

“Yeah. You see, my mate is concerned that with all the shagging that will happen between us, he’ll knock some pups into me. Being the thoughtful guy that he is, he figured we should come see you so you can fix him up before he knocks me up,” Shiloh said nonchalantly, while looking only at the doctor.

“Damn, girl! You’ve got fire! I like you more and more,” her wolf told her, excitedly.

“Calm down, girl. We are the same person,” Shiloh replied with a chuckle.

“Uh, sure, Luna, I mean,” the doctor stuttered a little, looking from Shiloh to his Alpha. Cameron seemed just as shocked by her words as the doctor, but quickly composed himself, and decided to tease her.

“Oh, babe. You know I just wanted you to myself for a little bit before you start popping out litter after litter of little alpha pups,” he said with a wide grin.

The poor doctor didn’t really know how to react if at all to his leaders’ playful bickering. Watching them, though, Dr. Gordon was glad that his Alpha had finally found his mate and by the way the two interacted, it was clear that their bond was strong, albeit a bit weird for his taste.

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” Shiloh said laughing. “You probably think we are some nutjobs.”


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