Bionic Luna

Chapter 20

Dinner at Cameron’s parents was a success. Shiloh was grateful that his family accepted her and were so eager to teach her all there was to know about their kind. Evelyn promised Shiloh to teach her everything she needed to know to be a good Luna, while Alexander offered her his personal library to read up on anything she wanted to know. Shiloh thanked them both profusely.

Cameron left his Beta and Gamma in charge of the pack, while he and Shiloh enjoyed a few more days together, alone from prying eyes and curious pack members. Alexander offered to help, but between Dylan and Noah everything was fine. Cameron had even mind linked his entire pack, telling them that Friday evening they were all required to attend a pack meeting in the large stadium. The stadium was actually used as training grounds for the pack warriors, but when the whole pack needed to be present for some formal announcement, the stadium was the only place that could fit the almost five thousand members.

Shiloh was sitting on the couch, reading yet another one of Alexander’s books, while Cameron was in the other room talking on the phone with one of his business partners. He had told Shiloh more about his security business, and his mate even offered to help him out with all kinds of gadgets or even financial advice.

Cameron was impressed with the way she handled her own finances and agreed to let her take a look. In all honesty, why wouldn’t he trust her? She was his mate and he planned on spending his whole life with her, giving her everything she wanted. Not to mention that she had shared so much of her own business with him.

After he turned her into a werewolf, he fully expected that she would annul his security clearance into her facility, but instead she didn’t. When he asked why she gave him the opportunity to come and go as he pleased, she just stared at him in disbelief.

“You are my mate. And you saved my life. We’ll spend our whole lives together. I trust you completely and I know that you won’t go around telling people what happens behind closed doors,” she told him, confidently.

Shiloh was devouring every piece of information she could get her hands on. The more she learnt, the more questions she had. Alexander had assured her that if she had questions, she only had to ask him and he would try to explain the things she didn’t understand to the best of his abilities.

Going through the books Alexander had on folklore and werewolf history was easy. Things started to become a bit more complicated when Shiloh started reading about Werewolf Laws. Alexander had a copy of the Lycanthrope Law Codex that was passed down for generations. Every decade, a large werewolf council would meet and discuss outdated laws and decided on either removing, changing or replacing them. However, the basic core of the codex remained intact for centuries because it simply worked.

Having had enough studying for one day, Shiloh went to find her mate who had just finished his long and tedious phone call. Glad to see his mate, Cameron opened his arms for Shiloh who ran into them happily.

“I gotta show you something,” she said, but didn’t look at him. Cameron wondered what else there was she hadn’t shown him yet, but didn’t dare to ask. If it took her this long to share it with him, it meant she was either ashamed, afraid or just wasn’t convinced he was ready to see it yet. Whatever her reasoning, he knew they could handle it together.

Taking the elevator into The Void, Cameron wondered what could be hidden in her underground bunker. He faintly remembered that she told him there was still a secret she had yet to share with him, but he wasn’t quite sure what it was and why it took her so long to mention it.

Walking towards a large door, Cameron watched as Shiloh stepped in front of a biometric scanner. Getting her retina and DNA scanned, Sarah asked for vocal confirmation and Shiloh just said her name out loud.

Wondering if Cameron might take her secret well, Shiloh could only sigh and hope for the best. A part of her wanted to tell him right away, but another, feared he might be scared or even hate her. Her wolf, as usual, reprimanded her, telling her that their mate would never hate them, but agreed that it would have been better to show him her last big secret.

Over the past week, Cameron and Shiloh got a lot closer. They opened up and shared memories with the other, talked about their fears and hopes, and planned a beautiful future together. During one night of making passionate love, Shiloh marked Cameron in the heat of the moment, and was freaking out a little when she realized what she had done. Cameron only chuckled and reassured her, that while it was customary for male wolves to mark their females, it wasn’t unheard of for both mates to mark each other. If anything, it strengthened their bond.

Surprisingly, it strengthened it so much that Cameron was able to mind link Shiloh while she was down in The Void, working on some gadget. He was upstairs making them dinner, while she wanted to finish a design. Out of habit, Cameron mind linked her and they were both stunned when she actually heard him.

More importantly, they discovered that they were able to send memories back and forth, allowing the one who received a memory to not only see through the other’s eyes, but also feel what the other felt when it happened. Shiloh was reluctant at first, and it was only after she had a nightmare and her mind connected to Cameron’s that he truly understood where her strength to handle physical pain came from. Unwillingly, Shiloh opened her mind and allowed Cameron to see her training but more importantly the three times she was captured and tortured. It was heartbreaking for Cameron to see her memories and he felt completely useless as he felt her pain. A memory could only do so much and he knew that the pain he felt through her memories was only a fraction of what she had actually endured when it happened, but seeing her persevere and come out of each situation victorious gave him a new sense of pride and respect towards his mate. She endured tremendous pain, both physical and emotional, but instead of letting that ruin her, she took it, learnt from it, and allowed it to make her stronger. Shiloh was a fighter, and he and his pack were lucky to have been blessed with such a Luna.


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