Bionic Luna

Chapter 23

Cameron almost lost his mind when he saw his mate in the arms of another wolf.

“Mine!” he growled loudly, making Shiloh jump and the man holding her let go immediately.

Cameron pulled his mate into his own arms, glaring at the 6’5’’ tall black man before him. Jayden was one of his best warriors, who requested to be allowed to go fight alongside humans for a while, wanting to learn several fighting techniques that would improve their own training. Cameron thought the world of Jayden, until he saw his mate in the other man’s arms. What the fuck?

“I’m sorry, Alpha. I didn’t mean any disrespect,” came Jayden’s voice. He looked sincere but Cameron still hated what he had just seen.

“Cam, let go, you’re smothering me,” Shiloh protested. Cameron reluctantly let go and Shiloh glared at him. “What’s the matter with you? Jay is my friend,” she stated matter-of-factly, and Cameron needed a moment to process everything.

“Your friend? How do you know one of my warriors?” Cameron asked, confused.

“Your warriors?” came Shiloh’s reply, just as confused as her mate. She then turned around to look at Jayden who smiled kindly. “You’re a werewolf?” she asked and he nodded. “And you are part of this pack?” she inquired, and Jayden nodded with pride in his eyes. “Is fucking every guy I ever met secretly a werewolf?” she asked more to herself, but everyone around her heard her.

“I don’t know about every guy, but I am. And so is Johnny,” Jayden informed her. Johnny was the Navy SEAL who helped with her training as well.

“Seriously?” came Shiloh’s incredulous reply. Jayden only nodded.

“I’ll explain everything later, Luna, “ he promised, and smiled broadly as the word ‘Luna’ rolled off his tongue. He was so happy and proud that his pack finally had a Luna and his friend had found his mate.

“Babe, this is Jayden, Jay who trained me,” Shiloh said excitedly when she turned to look at her mate again. “Thanks to him, I’m alive.”

Cameron needed a moment to process and while Shiloh excitedly started telling everyone about how Jayden and her met when she was still a human, Cameron mind linked his warrior and thanked him. Shiloh had talked a lot about the two trainers she had, but Cameron never thought that they were two of his own warriors. Realizing that the Moon Goddess always looked out for his mate brought a smile to his face. He thanked Jayden again and promised to reward him.

“Please, Alpha. Even if Shi wasn’t my Luna, which I didn’t know at the time,” he said chuckling. “She is an amazing person who conquers you the minute you meet her. She can be a nuisance sometimes when she doesn’t want to do her pull-ups, but I swear, I would have taken a bullet for her. I still would take a bullet for her. She might be my Luna now, but I’ve grown to care for her like for a little sister.”

Cameron was relieved to hear that; not just that Jayden would risk his life to save his Luna but also because he wasn’t interested in her romantically. Even if that was the case, Cameron would have annihilated the other wolf.

More people seemed to be interested in how Jayden met their Luna, until Alice reminded them that they still had to go through the Luna Ceremony.

Frank Davidson took his daughter to the hospital, to be taken care of, while the elders prepared everything for the ancient ceremony that would bind Shiloh to this pack. Usually, all it took to be part of a pack was the Alpha’s approval. But for a Luna, especially one who wasn’t born in the pack or a wolf at all, they needed to go through the ceremony.

Nodding and feeling nervous again, Shiloh grabbed her mate’s hand, guiding him back to the stage. Cameron could feel her nervousness and tried to ease her nerves by massaging her shoulders a little, while she slipped back into her sandals, but when she went to fasten them, Cameron crouched down and did it for her.

“You don’t have to do that,” she told him with a loving smile.

“I know,” he replied, “but I want to. I want to take care of you for the rest of my days.”

“In that case, you’re gonna be extra happy to please me when I’m on my period,” she giggled and he couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him. Shaking his head, Cameron made sure the sandals were fastened enough without hurting her, before standing up and pulling her back into his side.

Jonah gave the traditional speech about the importance of finding one’s mate and how important it is for an Alpha to find his Luna. The Moon Goddess was praised for mating Cameron to a beautiful, kind and caring woman, who would not only be his rock in life, but the mother of the pack.

Listening to the words, Shiloh knew they were mostly generic, but every once in a while Jonah and the other elders would glance her way and smile. It meant the world to her that they and the rest of the pack approved of her.

Asking her to step closer, both mates stood on each side of Jonah, facing each other. Evelyn had already explained that the ceremony was like a wedding, but not quite. It was more the commitment that the Luna made to the Alpha to help him protect and guide the pack. It was the Luna’s promise to do everything in her power to be the pack’s support and comfort. Cutting their palms, both mates let a few drops fall onto the ground, symbolizing that they would both give their own lives to protect their pack.

Cameron was the first to say the vows towards his pack, but unlike the day he became the official Alpha of the Wolf’s Hill Pack, tonight he also promised Shiloh to protect her as well, and asked her to be his Luna and always be by his side to lead his pack into a better future.


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