Bloodline of Atlantis: The Triple Psi

The Power of a Cirt

     "Today we're going to start working in our free pet healing clinic," the healing teacher announced.

     "But we've only had two classes," Sam protested in confusion.

     The teacher smiled. "There really isn't much to actually learn. The rest is all about practice. Don't worry, you'll be starting on minor external injuries. If you'll all follow me please?" She walked out of the room and led them down the stairs to the clinic.

     When the door opened the nervous students were in a room with ten metal examination tables with chairs behind them, two sinks, and two cabinets full of antibiotics and pain medication.

     “Okay. This is where you’ll be working. Please wash your hands and put on a pair of latex gloves,” the teacher said as she took a box of gloves from the medicine cabinet. “Now, while you do have chairs, there will be days where you won’t be sitting much because this is the only free pet clinic in the country.

     “Yikes,” Sam commented as she chose her table.

     Yuji put a comforting hand on Sam's shoulder and smiled. “Don't worry. You'll do fine.”

     Sam blushed a little, trying very hard not to let his smile turn her knees to butter. “Thanks.”

     The teacher walked over to a small desk and picked up a clipboard. “Alright, looks like our first patient is a rabbit with a cut on his nose. Ed, why don’t you take this one?”

     A seventeen-year-old boy with brown eyes and long golden hair pulled back into a braid nodded as a nurse walked in holding a small, brown rabbit. Trailing behind the nurse was a very concerned looking little boy who couldn’t have been more than eight years old.

     The teacher pointed at Ed and the nurse placed the rabbit on Ed’s table.

     “Can you fix Flopsy?” The boy asked pitifully.

     Ed smiled. “I’ll do my best.” He put his hand on the rabbit’s nose and concentrated. After about a minute he used a damp paper towel to wipe away the dried blood and handed the healed rabbit back to its owner. “Here you go. Good as new.”

     The little boy’s face lit up. “Thank you!” he exclaimed happily.

“You’re welcome,” Ed replied with satisfaction.

     The little boy left and just like that, the tension in the room vanished. Suddenly, Sam couldn’t wait to get her first patient.

     The next three hours were a fairly steady stream of cats, dogs, and other animals. Sam happily healed each patient she got and swelled with pride when she received thanks from the owners.

     At nearly the end of the four hour day, a girl in her early teens burst through the door. In her arms was a young, black, short-haired dog. Sam’s eyes widened in horror at the state of the animal. Blood was covering its fur, one of its long ears was nearly gone, its left eye was swollen shut and puncture wounds peppered its neck. The injury that drew Sam’s attention the most was the gaping wound on the dogs' neck. Every heartbeat pushed more blood out and over the arms of its distraught owner. It was obvious an artery had been severed.

     The nurse came in right behind the girl. “I’m sorry! I tried to tell her we don’t handle injuries like this but she shoved her way past me!”

     The teacher held up her hand. “It’s okay, Amy.”

     “Please! She won’t make it to the vet!” the owner cried desperately.

     Sam’s heart went out to the child. She knew she would feel awful if something happened to her ferrets.

     “Bring her over here,” the teacher said.

     Sam’s heart rate sped up when the dog was placed on her table.

     The teacher began going over the animal’s vitals.

     “She was attacked by another dog. We were right around the corner so I came here,” the owner said quickly.

     “Sam, take care of the ear,” the teacher commanded. Sam immediately went to work. The teacher put her hands over the large wound on the neck. “The rest of you each place a hand on one of my arms.” The students looked confused but did as they were told. The air around the teacher’s hands began to crackle with electricity and the large wound began to close swiftly.

     Once she was finished with her work Sam looked up to see some of the other students looking a bit light-headed. What’s going on? she thought. Then she realized she should be working on the puncture wounds and proceeded to do so.

     Finally, the large wound closed completely and the teacher let out a tired sigh. “She’ll be alright,” she said with a smile.

     Tears of gratitude and relief trickled down the owner’s face. “Thank you so much!”

     “You’re welcome. Wait just a moment while I get her some antibiotics.” The owner nodded and the teacher handed the small dog back to her, then went to the cabinet and got a small bottle. “Add two milliliters of this to her water twice a day till it’s gone,” she said as she handed it to the owner. “And take her to the vet immediately. She’ll need a blood transfusion.”

Wendy Winchester

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