Chapter 4

'I hate you..I hate you..I hate you ...'

that's what kept me thinking while lying in bed, urghhh! I really hate that guy!

Out of rage I did not notice the box on my bed side table "mom! To whom is this!" I shouted as I couldn't take my eyes off the box

it is blue and has gold designs on the side, it is really attractive and because of the color I remember blue, why didn't he answer? asleep?

but there seemed to be something in the box that I really wanted to open, I slowly approached it and jumped in shock when the door of the room suddenly opened

..... mom!

"oh honey, someone gave you this but he said not to open it until you finish college so I'm going to hide it, for now~" I would have answered when she suddenly said goodbye "-bye" mom quickly came out while I was left speechless

what was that? why is mom in such a hurry to leave? and even included the box when she left, aishh!

I lay down and closed my eyes and sadly I remembered something, it's sad because I remembered that blue isn't at his grand

I sighed, haysss I don't have a partner anymore, how can I fight blake? the tax man who left me in front of the store a while ago

he is really annoying and He's- ughhh! Nevermind! The only thing I know is that I. HATE.HIM. and that's it, period.

 never-never-never-never-I will never like him like he loves to annoy and annoy him! urghhh! I think I will have nightmares and he is the monster who will chase me haysss .. 

I was so angry that I did not realize that I had fallen asleep, it became very deep but as I predicted I was having nightmares the surroundings are dark and you have many voices like laughter, and teasing and it all comes from the same person...

 ...blake I shouted 'enough!' but he didn't listen he went on and on it just stopped when something came out in the middle, I raised my eyebrows 

"ERICA!" I was able to get up when someone shouted my name, I looked at the door and it was just my older brother 

"Erica, wake up!" my older brother shouted, I stood up and shouted back "Yes! I'm awake!"

 I quickly stood up towards the bathroom I thought, why is that? I forgot the dream and what I saw?


 ... But why do I only remember blue?


"Dreams are illustration from the book your soul is writing about you"

                                                                                                                  -Marsha Norman-




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