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During study hall, Cassandra and Amelia headed back to Cassandra’s room. They threw themselves on either beds that was there. Amelia walked over to Cassandra’s drawers and took out a few of her comic books she hide underneath her jeans. Her roommate was very particular about what she was exposed to. And just breathing the same air as comic books made her feel closers to a spaz, a nerd. Anything remotely related to being stupid and no a nerd even though they contradicted each other.

“Am I boring?” Cassandra asked herself out loud.

The thought of following the same routine had her questioning whether or not she was fun in anyway. All it seemed to care about were movies, reading, and playing sports.

Amelia sat up. She closed one of Cassandra’s comic books, and looked at her with raised brows. “What do you mean?”

“Sometimes I sit and think about how I’m not interesting at all. I mean there was a time that I was totally awesome, and now…now I’m just lame.”

“So you think your boring cause you stay inside all the time.” Amelia said.

She clapped her hands, pointing back at Amelia. “Yeah, exactly!”

“Maybe it’s the routine, you’re used to stuff being the way it is. I mean were in a boring school. The only fun you can have is breaking rules.” Amelia laid back down, staring at the ceiling. “Besides, I think you’re totally awesome.”

“I’m just thinking. When I was in middle school I told myself I wasn’t going to change, and I haven’t. I’m still the same old Cassy, and I wonder what I bring to our relationship you know.”

“No I don’t, because you’re not boring to me, or any of us. We know your fun, crazy and wild when you need to be. And we wouldn’t want that any other way.”

“So what I’m hearing is I’m cool.”

“Look, “Amelia sighs, “Everyone is boring in their own way. To other people who don’t know you like we do, you can seem reserved.”

Cassandra ran her hand through her curls, “I guess, but like-”

“Where did all of this come from anyway?” Amelia interrupted. She had no idea where all of this was coming from and where it was going. There was a reason Amelia hanged out with her and it wasn’t because she forced herself to be like everyone else, she was different and actually different. She and everyone in her circle even James were free in her eyes. They all did what they wanted with respect of course, and was who they wanted to be.

But Cassandra wasn’t truly feeling that. Insider her brain felt wired to becoming something else, because she felt like she was missing something, like she wasn’t entirely whole, and won’t even partially if this thing that fighting to come out doesn’t show itself anytime soon.

She was worried. She needed this, and yet…it seem so far away.

“Today at lunch when Carter called me generic, I starting thinking maybe I’m not fun. Maybe that’s why I’m still …I don’t know.”

“You’re still what?” Amelia questioned.

Cassandra fell down on her bed beside her, and turned to her switching the conversation to something she hoped will get her somewhere. “I’m thinking I need a new hobby.”

“Like what?” Amelia scoffed.

“Something different. Something that’s me.”

“How are you going to do that if you have no idea what you is?”

“I don’t know, I was hoping you’ll help me figure something out, like go with me to the mall or something and scout for hobbies.”

Amelia just stared at her, then laughed abruptly. “You want me to spy on people?’

“No I don’t! I want you to help me find something new for me.”

She sighed, but agreed anyway. “When do you want to go anyway?”

“I was thinking this Saturday at noon.”

 Just as Amelia picked up the comic book with a nod, whe though the conversation was over. Yet James knocked on the door, creating a whole new discussion that definitely sparked attention, both of them.

Cassandra called him in. He smiled at her then brought his attention to his girlfriend Amelia.

“We’re still on for Saturday?” he asked her.

“This Saturday?” Amelia asked, facing Cassandra with hope in her eyes that he wouldn’t say yes.

“Yeah, why?” he stepped in closing the door behind him. “Did you forget?”

She held her mouth half opened, leaving nothing but hot air to escape. “You see…the thing is-“

“You promised. My brother coming.”

Amelia jumped with joy, so did Cassandra. Suddenly the pair forgot all about their spy mission and more on the cute brother coming to visit. It was nothing like that though, he was just perfect if perfect was a person. 

“Oh I forgot. Tommy is coming this week.”

“Tommy coming this week?” Cassandra said with shock. Her voice lighten up, as a grin placed itself on her face for what seemed to be permanent. 

“Yeah, and I promised you’ll be there.”

Amelia turned to Cassandra, “Right, you understand right?” 

Cassandra leaned over, “Can I come too?”

James rolled his eyes, “I honestly don’t see the appeal, but sure why not. And only you so don’t go telling Carter or anyone else. Got it.”


Cassandra rushed over to Amelia and started jumping with her. “I haven’t seen him since the last day when he picked you up. You’re so lucky.”

“Hey, I’m the lucky one here.” James interrupted.

Amelia reached up and kissed him on the cheek, “As you should.”
He smiled, almost blushing turning pink.

You see Tommy Lincoln was everything, and James knew it. He was the favourite son with his position in law school. But James knew something that would shrink the lust in their heart. A secret he couldn’t wait to witness as it unfold upon everyone’s eyes, so instead he invited them all. He told Cassandra if she wanted to bring the gang it would be extraordinary. The more people show up, the more they're realize James was the better brother. 

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