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Talking to Carter seemed to open up a new form of friendship that would have taken a while longer if it wasn’t for Carter’s belief and trust in her. Or mistaken idea, in this case.

As Cassandra reassured him and make it clear that it wasn’t in her mind to disclose such things to people, because if the shoe was on the other foot, she wouldn’t want that either.

And at 2:15pm school had ended for the day and she couldn’t focus on Carter’s secret. She had already made plans to leave the campus to see whether or not they would be at the same place they were the last time Sam introduced them to her.

The skaters, or what she called the skate gang.

That afternoon when she caught sight of them, they looked smaller, like a few were missing. That didn’t matter though, she was too excited to think of a few missing people, as long as it wasn’t who she thought it was everything would be fine.  

They waited by the parking lot of the mall again, just like she hoped they’ll be. Before they could see her, she rush over to them. Then once they caught sight of her, she slowed down and waved at them.

“Hey,” she said while Tess pulled her bike up to her.

“We figured you’ll be back.” She said.

Cassandra smiled looked between everyone there, “I’ve decided to buy a board.”

They all looked around at each other, a few giggled in the back, while Tess and Sam glanced at each other and shook their head.

In unison they told her she wasn’t ready, but she didn’t get it. Everyone else seemed to be on board with the idea of Cassandra being a part of the team, but it didn’t feel quite right.

“Cassy, I think you need to actually get on the board a little longer before you can actually board,” Tess told her.

The last time they hang out, she had stood by the sidelines and watch them do tricks and stuff. She would occasional try to balance herself on the board by herself, but later realized that it wasn’t a one women show. She needed others to be by her side if she wanted to do this, and last time proved she needed to trust a little more.

And so she agreed, willingly to. She admitted to the same facts that they presented her, and so she went on Tess’s bike and followed behind everyone, as they lead the way again.

When they got to the skate park, Carter came to mind again. The thought of him thinking that she felt the same way came to thought. It hadn’t occurred to her how she appeared to other people, but it didn’t stop her from finding it funny.

To be confrontable in her own skin in terms of clothing wise, had her pegged for batting for the other team.

Sam from across the park boarded to her side, and sat on the brown bench next to her. “You ready to actually try this time.” He said with a laugh.

Cassandra shoved his a shoulder lightly with a smile. She nodded standing up and asking to use his board.

Sam shook his head. Tess and Sam had already figured out how to teach her to board and having 2 people to help with balancing was the key.

He called for Tess to come to their rescue, and she did just that. Tess placed her board on the side near the park bench, and rushed to their side.

When she finally came, Sam had finished explaining how everything would go.

First Tess and him would hold opposite sides of her as well as her hand while they pushed the board. Cassandra would keep both eyes open unlike last time, and they’ll keep going until she could balance herself on the board. Then once that’s done, they’ll teach her how to push it, and putting her feet back on.
And after all of that, they’ll slowly let go of each arm, a person by person until she was finally doing it all by herself, all alone.

It seemed simple, and easy to process. All that was left was for the instructions to be followed through step by step.

Everything felt good to her. Cassandra lean forwards, while Sam and Tess walked with the board. Simple, easy, and Cassandra understood it. Then when it came to pushing herself, her body weight became heavy as they caught her every time fear pushed itself into her mind.

“You got this.” Sam would occasionally whisper to her. And she’ll nod agreeing with him, to push the fear away from her. And it’ll work too.

It worked to the point where her heavy body would pull everyone down, and they fell down on the ground as Sam’s board rushed down the pathway. But Sam being so attached to his board like any other normal skateboarder would be. He jumped off from the fall completely ignoring his bruised elbow, and rushed after his board.

Tess picked her up, dusting herself off. “That was crazy!’ she chuckled.

“Yeah, sorry dude. Are you okay?” Cassandra asked.

Tess rolled her eyes, “trust me that was nothing. I had worst.”

She scoffed, “good to know.”
Sam walked on by, holding his board tightly by its waste, like he was giving it a tight hug.

“How’s your board?” she asked him.

“She’ll be fine, she’s a survivor.” And his mind went into memory lane. “I remember this one time I was boarding down the street and it was drizzling, so I stopped at the stop light, but my leg didn’t. I fell back and bruised my back, but I had to get right back up cause my board was still going down the street. So I ran after it and this black car came up and it stop and swirled around her, and I felt so relief cause I was scared it would be the end of our little brief adventure, but it wasn’t thanks to that driver. And then she stopped under this black car, and picked her up and walked offed with her.”

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