Bounded Million Flower


All I can see is darkness. All arround me is dark. And cold. So cold. I am only wearing my pajamas. The stillness of the night is only disturb by my mother's footsteps and Toshiro's.  The snow is deep for it was snowing in the afternoon. My mother is panting. While carrying me. We are in a hurry. Toshiro-san is agigated. While my mother is calculating and alert.

"Watashi no josei o isoide kudasai!" Toshiro said to my mother. Why do we need to hurry? What is happening?  Hearing what Toshiro-san said my mother speed up. We are now on the steep slope. 

"Okasan," I called my mother. "Samui desu" I said. As I feel the coldness creeps in my whole body. The snow starts to fall again. 
"Yameru Toshiro kun." My mother said making Toshiro-san to stop. 
"Haruka-sama, isugo hitsuyo ga arimasu." Toshiro said, reminding mother to hurry. But mother put me down. Rub her hands and put it in my cheeks. She then remove her robe and put it on me. Leaving her cold too. For she only wears her night gown. 
"Okasan," I said in my small voice echoed in the steep forest we are in. 
"Akira-chan,watashi no ko." My mother answered me in a sullen voice. She speaks about a necklace. I can't concentrate because of the cold. She gave me the necklace she's wearing.  And told me to guard it. 
"Haruka-sama, hayaku!" Toshiro said to my mother. We need to hurry. A 4 year old girl me can't handle the cold. 
"Toshiro," mother said."Anata wa kanojo o sukuu hitsuyō ga arimasu. Anata wa watashi no musume o sukuu hitsuyō ga arimasu!" Mother said with authority. You can not see hesitance in her angelic face. Only conviction.She told Toshiro-san to save me.What is happening? Is something wrong? Toshiro then carried me in his back.
"Haruka-sama,kore o suru hitsuyō wa arimasen." Toshiro exclaimed. I can see the loneliness in his eyes when he said he'll do everything to save me.When I look at my mother. She steps away from us.Where is she going? Why do Toshiro needs to save me? 
"Okasan! Okasan!Matte! Okasan!" I shouted. When I see my mother running the opposite way."Toshiro-san o forō shimashou okasan. Onegaishimasu" I said. Begging Toshiro to follow my mother. As I cried, and Toshiro-san trying to calm me. My mother look back. I can't see tears in her eyes. All I can see is a strong willed woman. Determined to save me from what ever hurdle my family faces.
"Toshirō, hashire! Ima!"Mother shouted. She instructs us to move. And to hurry.
Toshiro bowed. With tears in his eyes. He whispers my mother's name and my father's. Then  we run. In the coldness of the night. We push trough. Leaving my mother. 
In my mind, I conjured a reason why all this is happening to us. We are a happy family. My father works hard for us. My mother stays at the house with me. 
After hours of running Toshiro was more agitated. He keeps on looking back. Until we heard dogs barking at the distance. Toshiro didn't stop. We push trough. Until we reach a cliff.
He puts me down, wrap me in his torso with my mothers robe. 
"Akira-sama,anata o sukuimasu! "He said. And then,we jump. As we hit the water, my body convulse. It's too painful. Darkness all arround me. The pain, lull me to sleep.


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