Broken Wings Heal


He sighed contentedly.

"You done your homework?"

"I wasn't given any. Right now, I just wanna relax and enjoy the fact that Diane agreed to meet me for lunch under the tree." André said, closing his eyes with a smile plastered on his face.

"Hah! See you acting as though you 'bout to take her to a proper ass restaurant." Jasmine teased.

"Say whatever you want, you can't touch this." He said, the smile of contentment still on his face.

"Who's Diane though?" Jasmine asked, curiosity engulfing her.

"One of those really pretty girls at school. I actually thought she was way out of my league, you know cause she hangs out with those other annoying and known people and I hang out with practically no one but myself." André said, turning to look at her.

Jasmine walked in then and sat on his bed.

"No one. Absolutely no one is out of your league. You're too much of a spec to think that way okay?"

André's eyes glazed and he smiled, "You always know what to say."

"Why do you think I've won best sister of the year, year after year?"

Before André could tease her they heard the front door creak open.

"Mama's home!" André yelled, shoving Jasmine aside, he got up and ran out.

"Yes, dispose of me, like I didn't just encourage your ass." Jasmine muttered. She sighed and walked out, he was standing a few feet away from Ruth.

George got up and embraced her in a hug, she smiled warmly, she was slightly taller than him.

"Mom! What the hell?" Jasmine yelled, standing in front of André, about to unleash her anger.

They broke apart and Ruth turned to look at her then.

"Oh hey, baby. How are you? André, hon, come give me a hug." She said, stretching out her hands. He slowly walked to her and hugged her.

"Would you like one too baby? To rid you of all that anger?" Ruth said, eying her carefully. George snickered and Jasmine looked at him, burning holes into his head.

"I see you've met George." Ruth said, admiringly rubbing his chest.

Yes and you don't just pick 'em wrong, you pick the worst, inconsiderate and appalling ones, those words were already on the tip of her tongue, all she had to do was open her mouth. André pulled her into the kitchen with him.

"She's trying, you know." André said. He opened the pot, added a little water and Jasmine poured the food in it and turned the stove on.

"Well, she just seems to be running into the wrong ones, this is the sixth one she's bringing home in what? A year!" Jasmine thundered.

"Give her time, I know she'll find the right one."

"I lost that faith in her relationship after the second guy, Fred was obnoxious, even the way he eats is bound to infuriate every inch of your body."

"It's a shame we were the ones who introduced him." André said. Jasmine sighed and lightly rubbed her palms together.

She stirred the porridge a little and covered it. After a few minutes, she dished it.

André placed it on a tray and took it to her. She was sitting on the couch, side by side with George. George smiled at him when he gave her the tray but he subtly ignored it like he didn't just see his lips stretch into a smile for him.

"Thank you hon. Tell your sister I said thank you too." Ruth said, taking off her work vest.

She was the manager of a delivery company. They delivered everything and anything legal. She had been working there for the past twenty years, she had gotten the managerial position a year before Williams died.

The pay was good but most of it went into their school fees, bills and groceries and the other small portion was kept in the bank. Ruth believed, with the whole of her life, in saving for the rainy day.

That was what had saved them from starving after her husband passed away.

Oreoluwa Arowosafe

#391 in Young adult

Story about: love, singlemom, hopeless

Edited: 22.10.2020

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