Broken Wings Heal


Jasmine looked at her watch, it was a little past eight. She groaned, she was definitely going to be late to her History class.

She pushed the door open and the fresh air hit her face first, it was mixed with a hint of someone's perfume. She held it open for someone who was hurrying in from the parking lot, as soon as he stepped in she ran. Ignoring his thank you.

She spotted Leto seated on his bike with his friends around him and ran to it. Her chest already felt heavy and hot from the impromptu exercise. As she approached Leto two of his friends came forward and made a wall, shielding him away from her. She stopped, panting slightly, she adjusted her bag.

"I'm here for a fucking chat with Leto." Jasmine said, almost at eye level with them.

"Not going to happen, so you could just turn around and go back inside." One of them said.

She attempted to go around them but the one who had spoken grabbed her arm.

"If you still have use for that thing you better take it off me." Jasmine said without hesitation. Now was not the time to get into another fight. She chanted it over and over like a mantra.

He raised his hands up in mock defeat, "I know what you did yesterday, we all know. Besides the Prides don't mix with the Back-end dudes." He said, chuckling.

"Come on man, stop messing around." Leto said, getting off his bike. He let her arm go.

She walked to Leto and they moved to the side. He had a toothpick in his mouth and was casually playing around with it.

"Uhm, I need your help." Jasmine said, looking up at him, he was almost the same height as Peter from 12th grade, Peter was at least 6'6, placing Leto at 6'5. Everything at Poseidon was about status, what you had to brag about and how badly you could treat anyone below you. Jasmine, alongside the other Back-end dudes were reminded every day that they didn't belong.

"I'm honored, what may I do for you Jas?" Leto said, a mocking smile on his face. His back to his friends.

Jasmine's eyes drifted behind him and some of them were looking this way and others were looking at their phones. Truancy didn't always sit well with their principal before this new one came in. Principal Troy would always go round the school every morning, making sure everyone was present in class, he knew what school was for and didn't condone it any other way.

Leto snapped his fingers in front of her eyes gently. She blinked.

"I need you to help me speak to your friends, Rufus and Cody." Jasmine said, gauging his expression. A blank face then a scowl meant what?

"I can't do that because they feel like you put a dent on their reputation, especially Cody, besides he's just a guy I know from 12th grade, we're not really...friends." Leto said. He was starting to show signs of a mustache.

Jasmine's heart constricted again, "Please, just help me speak to them. I need you to help me out, if not for the sake of anything but for the sake of humanity." What the fuck are you saying Jas?

When he didn't say anything she pressed on, "Please, I can't go back there, I already spent six months." She rubbed her head exasperatedly, "Fuck, I don't want to spend anymore, please."

Leto's expression changed and he seemed to have wandered off a little. He removed the toothpick from his mouth.

"I'll help you." He said without looking down at her. She never thought she'd hear those words from him today or in the remainder of her days here. She sighed and thanked him over and over again before walking away. She ignored everything his friends said to her because she had gotten what she needed and she wasn't looking for more trouble. Maybe when it dies down, we can knock some tooths in.

Leto stood there, blinking his eyes. He caught a tear that almost slid down. He quickly regained his composure and let out a heavy sigh before joining them again. He grabbed his small sling bag and they walked to the entrance together.

"Yo man, what she want?" One of them, a boy that looked like he had melted dark chocolate as skin asked.

"That's for me to worry about." Leto said. A set of oohs flew around.

It was already 8:20 am when they walked in, higher than the clouds but Leto was clean that morning. He had been for a while.

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