Broken Wings Heal

8.1: I see you and I stand with you but from afar

Jasmine walked to her creative writing class. The hallway was almost deserted save for the people walking in the same direction as her. The door had words firmly glued to it "Creative writing is the stuff" it was initially Creative writing is the shit but Principal Troy had had Mr. Davenport take it down and replace it with something 'appropriate' like we eleventh graders knew nothing about the f word and beyond.

"Come on in! Go! Go!" Mr. Davenport stood at the door ushering everyone in hurriedly. Jasmine narrowly avoided stepping on someone's toes. She took her seat at the back. She and Ruth had had several fights over her sitting at the back and it had always ended with Jasmine saying, "Since God gave me healthy eyes, I'ma exercise them before I get old and paralysis is my only friend."

"Well done everyone for making it to another class!" Mr. Davenport said excitedly, rubbing his palms together. In this class, there were no partners or seatmates, it was every man to himself just like life outside of the class.

Mr. Davenport was said to have been teaching Creative writing for over fifteen years. He had started to show signs of aging but nothing beyond the grey hair. He tried as much as possible to maintain his size and a 30-minute walk every day helped tremendously. He managed a few times to slip in some details about his personal life, and the students found it funny when he talked about his exes, he was always at fault.

"We're brushing a little on bullying and racial injustice." Mr. Davenport said, earning a few looks of discomfort from his students.

"Now, I see bullying as an outlet for release, it's wrong in every way because you sure don't heal yourself and you definitely don't heal the person you inflict pain on." Mr. Davenport said. The room was eerily silent, you could almost hear a pin drop.

"Leto tell us, what do you see bullying as?"

Leto gently twirled his pencil, allowing the silence to blanket the atmosphere again. He cleared his throat, ignoring the whispers.

"It's irrelevant, you know. It's actually kinda sad that it still happens. At this point, we're supposed to be each other's pillars but...who am I kidding? The minute we step out of this haven we're back to our nutty and erratic selves." Leto said, shrugging his shoulders. He had thrown a jacket over his long-sleeved shirt.

"Well said, Leto." Mr. Davenport said after a brief pause.

"Now class, humanity is too far gone. There are points where we can't help but be nasty to each other but when it goes beyond words, you'll need to watch yourself." Mr. Davenport continued.

Lucky for them, Creative writing had been extended to an hour after much drag with principal Troy, he had seen the impact it had on the students and he couldn't defy them. It was a gradual process but the results were all the proof he needed. Over time, minimal cases of students hanging from poles, begging to be let down as people laughed or a head stuck down a toilet had been reported. Maybe it was good for them after all.

"Kayla, would you like to add something before we move to racism?"

"Every human being goes through pain, it's inevitable just like death. And we all have coping mechanisms but I just fail to understand why bullying is seen as a coping mechanism, you're just plain out being disgusting to someone other than yourself. A world where we all flourish and respect each other is starting to look too far from our grasps." Kayla said, taking in the reactions of the people around her.

"Bullying is frowned upon in most societies but sadly it still thrives. As much as we try to stamp it out there's someone somewhere, right now that is being downgraded in the worst ways." Kayla added when no one said anything.

Oreoluwa Arowosafe

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Story about: love, singlemom, hopeless

Edited: 22.10.2020

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