Broken Wings Heal


Diane was seated comfortably on something that looked like a handwoven mat, laughing with her friends. It infuriated Jasmine even more.

"Diane! Who the fuck did this to my brother?" Jasmine thundered, halting their joy.

"I'm speaking to you child, get up!" Diane hurried to her feet, her friends got up too, moving away from her.

"I see you went to get your psychotic sister." Diane spat, folding her hands in front of her small figure, her red painted nails catching the light. She wasn't completely dark, a light shade of caramel and black eyes that Jasmine wanted so desperately to pluck out.

"Look here, you little twat. If you don't want me to unleash my insanity on you, you better talk!" Jasmine bellowed at her, releasing André's hand, she moved closer to her. Daniel got to the scene then and ran to Diane.

"Woah. Jasmine, back up." Daniel said, getting in between her and his little sister. They were almost the same height but he was he was slightly taller.

"Tell her to say what she knows and I'll back up."

"Okay, but relax. She's my little sister." Daniel said.

"Dan, that boy was in over his head. He thought someone like me would be interested in his sorry ass." She said, giving a dry laugh, "No boo."

The crowd watched on in fascination. André's sobs intensified making some people from the crowd feel a little sorry for him.

"What happened to his clothes?" Jasmine asked, restraining herself from pulling her by her ponytails and beating her up.

"I don't know. Terry and his brother wanted to have some fun with him so I let them."

Daniel moved away from Diane and stared at her in disbelief. Jasmine fumed through the crowd, they hurriedly parted, letting her through. She went into the building, heading straight to their cafeteria. Immediately, she spotted Terry and he looked at her, he ran.

Jasmine ran after him, they circled the room before he finally made a way out. Jasmine sped up, he was losing energy already, he slowed down and she grabbed onto his jacket. He fell down and she pulled him up, dragging him back to where André was standing, now being comforted by Kayla.

Adrenaline pumping through her veins like a rushed toxin speeding up your heart before it finally stopped it. "I want you to apologize right now." Jasmine said, holding his jacket tighter.

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry I covered you in mud and forced your head down the toilet." Terry said in his Mexican accent.

"You did what?!" Jasmine tripped him and held his hands behind his back. He screamed out in pain.

"Damn! I'm sorry okay. Let me go!" Terry yelled, struggling against her. Diane hid behind Daniel, afraid that she could be next.

"What is going on here?!" Principal Derek thundered. Forcing his way through the crowd, they laughed when he almost tripped.

"Disrespectful children." He spat at them before turning to face Jasmine who had forcefully shoved Terry's head down, pulling his head back, his mouth was now full of sand.

"You! Stop! Stop it!" Principal Derek yelled, limply pointing a finger at her. Leto jumped in and pulled her away. She struggled against him.

"You're a little piece of shit! The reason why we've not moved forward in this god-damned world!" Jasmine yelled at Terry. He slowly got up and coughed out sand. Leto carried her away.

"You too Diane! All he did was fucking like you. I fucking hate y'all pretentious fuckers!" Jasmine said, flaying against Leto, almost kicking the people in front of her. Her electronic tagging catching the light with each movement, some of its power had drained.

Kayla took André back into the building, heading straight to the washroom. For days to come Kayla knew that Jasmine would be the talk of the school, partly admired for her courage and partly terrified of being on the receiving end.

Oreoluwa Arowosafe

#386 in Young adult

Story about: love, singlemom, hopeless

Edited: 22.10.2020

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