She Speaks

I sat on the floor, my back leaning against the edge on the bed. When Blake and Logan brought up my boxes, I started unpacking. Most of my boxes were books and clothes, the last one was just a bunch of junk.

There was a knock at the door, and them it opened soon after. Blake came in, carrying my big treasure chest. "Damn girl," he said, slamming it down on the floor. He looked like he was struggling. "What the hell is in that thing?" He raised his thick bushman eyebrow, scratching his head.

I just shrugged.

"So you done already?" He asked, looking over at the four empty boxes. He started to pick one up, and then beckoned with his head for me to get one. "We can take them down to the garage." He stated. I grabbed one, following him out of the room.

We headed downstairs, and instead of making a right like you would if you were going to the kitchen, he made a left. There was a closet, and then the door to the garage.

The garage was open, and inside was a black and silver motorcycle, and a navy blue Camry. Wow, I thought. Everyone has their own car.

He sat the box down in an empty space, and I did the same. "Uma go get the other two," he said, and I nodded, duly noting how he likes to shorten his words.

I absentmindedly walked out of the garage, and down the sidewalk, to no where in particular. The sun was almost down, so it was getting pretty dark out. It was the light that made everything look kinda blue. That was my favorite.

As I was walking down the sidewalk, I heard a loud barking. I looked down, and noticed a small puppy running towards me. When it reached me, it started to jump on me, it's nails scratching against my jeans.

I smiled, bending down to grab the leash. He must've ran away from someone. I looked around, but I didn't see anyone. I started to walk further, and he started to tug on the leash, but I held on tightly.

Soon, I stopped because he had to pee, and then a random guy ran towards me, stopping to catch his breath. He bends down, placing his hands on his knees, heaving heavy breaths.

"I hate that dog so much," he laughed finally. When the dog finishes, he started to run again, tugging this way and that way, but I don't budge.

They guy finally looks up at me, standing up straight. He looks like he's been working out. Or maybe just chasing this dog all day. He's wearing gray sweatpants, that hang, in that way, off his hips and a gray T-shirt which is dark with sweat, like his hair.

I take a deep breath, and he just looks at me. I mean, he really looks at me. And then I don't know why, he comes a step closer. Letting me breathe him in, his eyes reminding me off a green pool during the winter.

"Hey, Brooklyn!" Blake yelled from behind, forcing me to turn away from his penetrating gaze. "Come on, dinner's ready." He states, and I nod, turning back to him, and handing him the leash.

Our hands don't touch, and that makes me feel some kind of way. But I don't, I just know that I have to go because Blake is watching me - waiting for me. So I turn and leave.

"Bye," I hear, and then I look over my shoulder and wave.

* * *

We were all sitting at the table, eating a cheesy pasta that Gerry made. It actually tasted way better than I expected it to be. My Mom never cooked - ever. We always ate takeouts, or we ate at Panera's which was my favorite. I'm actually convinced that can't cook though.

Gerry and Mom were talking, trying their hardest to make this less awkward. I still hadn't said anything to anyone, and I know that my Mom was going to make me, sooner rather than later.

I started playing with my food, poking my fork into it a couple of times before popping some into my mouth, and I looked up to find Logan studying me with close scrutiny.

I still don't even know what his deal is. And if he was going to keep "stalking his prey" then why'd he have to sit right across from me?

I sighed heavily, putting the fork down on the plate. I sat back on my seat and folded my arms across my chest with a pout. I hate it here.

Mom nudges me in my side, and I glance over at her, raising a borrow. "Talk to them," she mouths, and it takes all the power inside of me not to roll my eyes at her.

I look over at Blake who's sitting right beside his brother, amusement dancing in his eyes; then I look at Logan, who's either completely unaware of my Mom, or he just doesn't care.

Blake and Logan exchange glances, coming to some silent agreement, and then they both look back at me simultaneously. "So," Logan starts. "Brooklyn." He says my name like he's just testing it out in his mouth. "Got any friends back home?"

They all look at me expectantly, and look at my Mom who has practically gotten on all fours with her eyes. So I do it for her. But mostly I do it to get her off my back.

Clearing my throat, I shake my head. "No - no." My voice came out shaky at first, but the second time it was firm and quick.

"And she speaks!" Blake pipes up, which makes everyone laugh, and I manage a shy smile.

"Well, that's okay, I didn't have friends until I was in college." Gerry said that. "Maybe you'll make friends when you start school on Tuesday." When he said that my eyes widened, and I looked over at my Mom.

Another decision she'd made without me and neglected to tell me. She looked kind of surprised, but hides it with a small smile.

"So what do you do? Like, to chill?" Blake asks, and I travel my wide eyed gaze to him.


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