Season 1🎼🎼🎼 Episode 3

🕷️🕷️Simon Larry 🕷️🕷️🕷️

I knew that sign, of we have been screwed in a fucked up situation. I stared at her for a solution.

"What we gonna do now?"

"Well, it's just one. You could take him down."

She responded, shuffling her empty gun. Wishing for the tiniest miracle of having an half bullet. She was insane to be thinking that.

"Are you in.."

"Hush! Listen, there are no  more gunshots."

She was right, the last guy wasn't shooting. Was he dead? Our head popped up a little to find out but there he was.

Feeling helpless with a desire to still kill, killing us both. She stepped out, her hands in the air.

She definitely gone insane, walking slowly, closed to him. All I could do was watch. The awkward moment was her stepping out unarmed. An  
exciting scene was gonna be taking place.
"¿Por qué no hacemos esto sin armas? ¿Qué piensas?

"Te arranco la garganta "

All I knew they were gonna be doing. Fighting for the other to stay alive or get killed. He warned her, he was gonna rip her throat out as I can interpret.

Both in the mortal combat position, he was throwing blows but she kept dodging.

Twisting her body, she flew above his head in an acrobatic style. She was at the other side.

It was stylish, her skills. Three months with her. I never got to know her pretty well, She has become unbearable for her opponent.

A meeting torture to his personality. He didn't stop at wrestling with her but she was pretty damn good, avoiding his punches and kicks.

He brought out a dagger, flipping it towards her as threat. Smiling, that has become unfair. It was to be a fist fight not the other way round.

"Are you gonna sit there and watch?."

She asked, what  was I to do? I didn't know how to deal with it. She should know better of it than I but she was right.

I stood up, time to man_ up a little. I kept telling myself, I ran from behind with all might. Tryna bring him down but he was huge, he kicked me off, sending my back to hit the hard wall.

I groan in pain, standing up slowly. I couldn't give up.

"I got this Lora."

But my feet couldn't carry my weight, my eyes had began to see double. And a rotation of everything in the room went right into my pupils, I collapsed.

🕷️🕷️Lora Halt🕷️🕷️

I knew he couldn't handle, I didn't believe him enough to trust him. I shook my head again out of disappointment.

"Hey you, what's it gonna be?"

I smiled, he frowned, running towards me. I slide beneath him, punching his d**k .

Bypassing between his spread legs, I was holding that punched part. Crying aloud.

He fell, still holding the damn paining part. I got to Simon who was half conscious.

"Tell me, we did it."

"Jackass. We gotta go."

I helped him up, supporting. With his hand around my neck, my hand around his waist.

"What's up with the dude?"

He looked over at my last opponent still grunting in pain.

"I just used the most skillful. I would say"

I smiled, as Simon and I staggered to the door.

"He got what he deserved, you don't f**k with Lora Halt."

Simon said without looking back, giving him the f**k you sign, we got out only see someone else.

Standing before us. A lady, I knew her.

She wasn't here for a friendly conservation as it used to be, but to kill.


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