Season 1 🎼🎼 Episode 7

🕷️🕷️ Alexander 🕷️🕷️

I looked outside the transparent window, what was her next move? I could think of nothing. None could. Turning to see her little buddy, he was bleeding through his nose.

His head low, I knew her too well to leave him to die if only she had a plan. Which she did.

The Lora I knew was not that stupid.

"What's it gonna be? She did preferred you dead."

He looked up at the sound of the last word DEATH. I could waste him right here and now. But didn't, I signalled one of my men to take off the handcuffs. His hands had been squeezed due to the prolonged captivity.

He seem surprised, which I wanted him to be. Feel, helping him up. I tapped my palms on his chest, brushing off his collar .

I left him, going for the cigar, which was lightened by  one of my bouncers.

Releasing the smoke outta my mouth after two minutes, I signalled him to follow behind. Just us alone.

🕷️🕷️ Josh 🕷️🕷️🕷️

I walked weakly, wasn't sure of anything but he could be leading to a dead hole. We passed so many entrance, taking turns and corners. We were finally there, to a place unknown to me.

It smelt of shit and shit, strippers working on it. Wrapping the shits off. It was a damn f**king sight to behold.

"This is it. This where live happens."

He spoke after I had much observations, one of the strippers winked at me.

That damn wink***

"It's huge."

I could only uttered, after I snapped my eyes out of her direction. She seemed too seductive to be ignored.

"Did she ever tell you? She was one of every single ladies here. I owed her. Still owes her."

He confessed, at then he was done with his cigar. He smiled, I watched him from behind. Scared and anxious.

He took up a wrap, sliding it through his nose to perceive. He laughed at the satisfaction.

"So why do you want us dead?"

"It's a shame you do not know who you working with. But one thing she's gonna come for you."

I hate false hopes but I believed the dirty deadly dude. Lora won't leave me to die.

"Yes, and she's gonna kill you. All of you."

He stopped walking, clapping his hands. The reasons of such intensive attitude I didn't know of. Shouldn't have said too much but still never couldn't keep shut.

"But if you're lucky, she gets to save you in time. But not so much sure about as she's stupid to double cross me. Again."

I didn't get that part clear but it never sounded so good to my hearings.



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