By Your Side


Sometimes, a person becomes in a great need for a change, so he starts acting recklessly, not thinking about the consequences that may accompany his reckless behaviour.

Sometimes, we think that we are making the right choices, however, we become blinded at that time. Blinded by the lies that we were fed with, blinded by the imaginary happiness we drew for ourselves and blinded by the fake strength somebody provided us with.

Our stupidity illudes us at some point of our lives, it makes us push those who really care about us away, it make us approach the devils in disguise, it beautifies horrendous things in our eyes and you only wake up from that fake fantasy when something breaks you, when something scars you forever, when something makes you question your entire existence.

But maybe you still have some luck left in your life, maybe the one you pushed away is not gone forever as you thought he is, maybe he still sees the good in you, maybe he is the one you need to pick up your broken pieces for you and glue them together.

After all, aren't we all in great need for somebody to fix us? to take us as who we are? to look past our mistakes? Not all of us are lucky enough to find this person in our lives and maybe this is one of the saddest parts of our lives.




Edited: 20.05.2019

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