By Your Side

Chapter One


"I still don't like this, it feels like I'm using you," Mila mumbled with a frown on her face as she put some of the groceries in the fridge.

"Can you please stop fussing about it?" Emma rolled her eyes at her best friend, "just because you don't pay rent it doesn't mean you're using me. My parents got me this apartment so I won't charge you for rent. It's not like I'm paying less than you. They bought it, not me, so if you want to think about it this way, then we are both using them. You pay half of everything, you seriously need to chill."

Emma and Mila have been best friends since elementary school, they were a bit different from each other but their differences were never the cause of a fight between them. In fact, they barely fought with each other. A lot of people envied them for the kind of friendship they had.

Mila had light brown hair with brown eyes and her skin was tanned a bit. She was known for her strong character and her determination to achieve her goal which was being a successful journalist. Emma was also a brunette but her hair was a dark shade of brown and her skin was pale, but she had beautiful blue eyes that complimented her features. She was a little shy, that's why people mistook her most of the time as an introvert. She has always felt more confident and comfortable when she was around Mila because she knew quite well that Mila would have her back if anything happened. After all, the beginning of their friendship was when Mila defended Emma when she saw a guy trying to forcefully take her Twinkies.

Every since they were seven years old they had become inseparable. They did everything together and what made everything better is the fact that they were neighbors. They lived across the street from each other, which was something that made their friendship grow stronger.

Emma's family was wealthy which made Emma a spoilt girl, but she was never arrogant and she has never shown off the privileges she had in her life. Mila's family was not poor and was not rich; they were average but that did not make her jealous of her best friend. Mila was quite content and satisfied with her life.

"Fine Em," Mila said in defeat, "I need to leave now, my shift starts in forty minutes."

Mila was able to get a job at a huge library in Seattle so it paid her well and she already had a good amount of savings in her bank account which made her not worried about money. She knew that if she needed anything she could contact her parents but she wanted to be independent, she wanted to build her success by herself.

"I don't know if I should get a job or not, I want to feel like I'm doing something for myself, but at the same time, I'm scared that it might affect my studies," Emma mumbled, letting out a heavy sigh.

"You can give it a try Em, work for one month and see if it will affect your studies or not," Mila suggested.

"I will think about it, see you later," Emma said smiling and waved goodbye for her friend.

When Mila left, Emma started to think about getting a job, but what Mila did not know was that Emma's parents did not want her to work. She did not want to tell her best friend something like that as she was scared that Mila might think low of her, she did not know that she was totally wrong and Mila would never judge her for something like that. Mila knew how Emma's parents were very concerned with her studies and made her study business so she would take over the company later. They did not care that their daughter has always dreamt of being an interior designer and when she thought about confronting them about what she wanted for her future, they crushed her dreams before her eyes.




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