Can't get you out of my mind ( Jungkook fan fiction)


Namjoon p.o.v

"  hey! hyung I'm bored can we go somewhere" jimin whinned.
"yeah!!  you're right Jimin, I think we should hang out somewhere" Jhope said. "Hyung what do you say? "Jimin ask me. "okk!! let's go out "

we went to Han river , a place where we go usually. "Hyung!! will our kookie ever  change ,I'm worried" Jimin said. 
"we tried our best to help him but it didn't work, but I just hope someone to come and change him" I said.
" But where is he? "Jin hyung ask.
" of course he went to where he goes" Jhope said. 
"Aishhh this kid never listen" Jin said feeling disappoint.
" Anyway guys let's go to Cafe I'm in a mood to drink some  coffee and have pastries "I said and everyone agreed .

                  *At the Cafe*

Taehyung p.o.v

when we enter the Cafe I saw familiar figure . "Taetae come fast" Jhope called and I couldn't see her properly.
" Hello! what do you guys want?" a girl ask. "coffee, pancakes, ice cream blah,blah.....!!" everyone gave their orders but I kept my head down.
" okk! I'll bring them fast" she said and went off.
"wait!  hyung isn't she the new student" Jhope said.
" yeah she is "Jimin replied and kick my legs with his under table.
I look up to see him smirking. I'll kill you if you dare say anything I mouthed him and glared at him.

"Here's your orders "a girl said whilst placing them.
I hurriedly look up but it was her friend. " Thank you "Jimin said and took ice cream. from her hand before she place them and she  blushed like tomato and got nervous too.
I look around to see y/n and yes she was standing inside the counter taking orders. A smile appeared on my face . she got well I thought.  she is more beautiful with her hair open,and the way she talk is so cute I started to dream but got snap out off it when I heard my name being called. "Tae what happened??  why are you so quiet ? "Namjoon hyung ask .
" Noth..... he's dreaming" jimin replied for me. I kicked his foot.
" Ahhh" 
" what's going on?" jin hyung ask . 
"oh nothing , nothing "he replied back.

                             * skip time*
*Jungkook p.o.v
when I came back home I saw suga hyung sleeping on the couch as always , Jimin and Tae hyung watching some animation and Namjoon , Jin and Jhope hyung discussing. 
" Im home ,I'm tired good night hyungs" I said and step on stairs but stopped by Jin hyung.
" yah! kookieah can you please stop doing that things, we're worried "he said. 
"I'm sorry hyung but I won't be able to stop and please don't worry" I said.
" Don't be like that  kookie" he said again but I kept quiet I didn't know what to reply. "Anyway  kookie do you know her name I mean that new girl name? " he ask though he was sad. 
"y/n why? " 
"Oh nothing we met her today at the Cafe" "Cafe?" I ask more like a question .
"yeah we went to Cafe and saw her working "Namjoon hyung replied. 
"ohh is it" 
"but guys did you notice she's so beautiful with her hair open " Jhope said. 
"yes  hyung she is... "Jimin said and look at taehyung smirking. I raise my eyebrow but shrugg off because it's their habit of teasing each other I thought and went to my room. but  I thought how y/n looked like opening her hair. 
Maybe she's more beautiful I thought.

Park Christian

Edited: 05.01.2021

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