Can't get you out of my mind ( Jungkook fan fiction)

Hang out with me

"Are you okay?" Tae ask 
"Yeah I'm okay" I replied and smile at him.
" Did you already swim" I ask. 
" I'm so sorry, I was coming but Jungkook block my way" I said looking down.
" It's fine we can swim next time" he replied. 
"Taetae why do jungkook behave like that to me. He always annoys me or you know act like I'm his girlfriend and kinda order me. He ask me to take off you shirt saying he can't see me wearing other shirt I mean why do he always intrude in my life like he owned me" I complained.

"I think it'd be better if he tells you by himself the reason" he replied. 
"I ask him but he never listen to me ; you know I ask him whether he'll leave me alone if had one night stand with him" 
"And why did you ask that? "He said.
"He's a play boy and maybe If I did I thought he'll leave me but what surprised me was that, he said he don't want that "I said.

"What if he's in love with you" Tae said and I laugh. 
"Are you kidding me! Tae like really jungkook and love! No way! "I said still laughing. 
"I'm serious y/n" he said and I stop laughing. "Remember Tae he is a fucking playboy "I said. 
"And who said playboy can never fall in love?he replied.
" I bet he can never fall in love "I replied again.

"Anyway Tae I think it's time to go , can you drop me off?" I ask
"That's too early y/n" Jhope said coming down the stairs along with Namjoon.
" Ohh! Actually I have test tomorrow and I need to do a little study" I replied and they nodded. 
"Ummm! Where's Mina by the way?" I ask. 
"Jimin took her somewhere "Jhope replied.

"Hyung than I'll drop her "Tae said.
"Actually Tae we need your help in completing the lyrics "Namjoon said.
"I  can drop her off "Jungkook said leaning against the wall.
"Yeah! Y/n he can drop you" Jhope said before I could open my mouth.

"Okk fine"I said 
Please don't do any stupid things again, but if he does anything today I'll beat him for sure I thought.
"Ok than see you guys" I said and wave at them. 
"See you Taetae " I  walk towards him to hug him but Jungkook quickly hauled me outside.
"I have leg Jungkook , that was unnecessary" I yelled .
"I thought what you were about to do was unnecessary" he replied.
"Whatever!!" I said and open the back door of the car.
"In front y/n"Jungkook said but I ignore and sat at the back seat. I waited for him to drive but he just stood outside looking at me.
"What? "I ask and he pointed the front seat .
"Fine you muscle pig" I said and sat at the front seat.

After some minutes of driving he suddenly stopped the car and looked at me. Oh not again jungkook I thought. 
"Can you just drive" I said when I felt him coming closer. 
"Look at me y/n 'he said turning my head to him. I quickly cover my mouth with my hand and he laugh showing his two teeth that kinda look like Bunny. 
"So you knew what I was going to do? "he ask and I glare at him. 
"But I still can do "he said and kissed the back of my hand and kept on staring at me . 
"What? Why are you staring at me just drive the car "I said.
"But I want to look at you "he replied. 
"And I don't want you to look" I replied back. 
"I don't care, let me just look at you" he said. 
'What's up with him I thought'
"Y/n hang out with me tommorow evening" he suddenly said making my eyes wide.
"No way! I ain't never gonna go out with you" I said.
"Really! Than we'll just stay here and I'll not drive" he smirk. 
God I hate that smirk and that attitude.
"If you say yes for tomorrow than only I'll drive" he said again.
"Alright just tommorow "I said.
Like I don't have any options and he does whatever he says.
"Great"He said and started to drive.
Thank God!

*Mina p.o.v
"Where are we going ? "I ask 
"Somewhere "he replied.
"Ohh" I said and he chuckled.
"Your so cute" he  compliment and I blush.
"You look more cuter when you become tomato "he said and I blush more.
"Can I ask you something ?" I said.
"Yeah" He replied
I feel that jungkook behaves totally different with y/n, like he would drag her when he sees her with Tae or sit with her in the class like this is totally new behavior and I feel like he's in love with her "I said and look up.

"We see that too and maybe you're right he's in love or maybe he's just trying to play with her like he does always" he said and I nod head.

"We've reached" he said and stop the car infront of a big building.
"Is this your house or 7of yours?"I ask.
"It's my house" he replied and chuckle.
"Wow! So you owned this place. Does other members have their own places" I ask curious.
"Yeah"He replied and my eyes went wide.
"Come "he said and holded my hands and my heart started to beat.

"This is my room" he said and sat down.
"Sit here" he ask and patted the space.
I went and sat down.
"You got a beautiful house "I said and he quickly turn my head making me to look at him. 
"Wh... What" I said feeling nervous and scared at the same time"
"Is this house more beautiful than me" he ask and I blink at his question. I mean look at his chubby yet hot and sexy. 
"You are more beautiful" I said and he smile.
"Did I scared you" he ask and I nod my head.
"Where is your parents? By the way" I ask.
"There overseas working in a company "he replied .
"Go on a date with me tomorrow?" he ask and took my hand.
"Are you really asking me out for a date?" I ask.
"Yeah!" He replied and I felt like I'm the only  living being alive in this Earth.
"" I stutter and he laugh ,the most beautiful laugh I've ever wanted to see

Park Christian

Edited: 05.01.2021

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