Can't get you out of my mind ( Jungkook fan fiction)

I like you

"Where do you wanna go? "He ask
"How about amusement park? "I said.
"Sure "he replied

"Don't you wanna who they are?" He ask.
"I thought you won't respond if I ask?"I 
"I saw them lying in one of the corner while I was passing.
I took them at my home and enquire about their parents but they said they don't have. After some week they got sick and when I took them to hospital they seems to have lung cancer from infants. Dr.yoon looks after them" he explained.
"So their parents died?" I ask
"I enquire about them but there was no single information but they might be alive or death" he said and I hummed but something hit me Right away.
"Wait! You lied to me Jungkook? "
"Lied about what?" He replied.
"You said they have heart attack when actually it's lung cancer "
"No I didn't! They're children and if you don't do what they say, they'll get mad  and sad and will break their heart and that means heart attack "he said.
"What? There's a big difference between them? "I retorted with my jaw dropped at what he just said.
"But you already said" he smirk.
"Fuck you Jungkook "
"Well thank you" he said and laugh.

After bickering with him all the  way we reached.
"I  wanna go on a rollercoaster "I said excitedly.
"Are you sure! You're not scared ?"he ask
"Are you scared?"I ask back and he scoffed.
"Let's go! "I said and sat down.
The coaster started to move slowly but after few minutes it speed up and I felt scared. I grabbed his arm and hold it so tight hiding my face in his arms. I could feel his big smirk.

"I thought someone said she's not scared " he said but I was not in a condition to even reply like I was feeling damn dizzy.
"Come let's sit down here for a while" he  helped me .
"Just wait here I'll go and bring ice cream" he said and I nodded.

"Unnie! Unnie" someone shouted.
I look up to see a cute little boy with a ball in his hand.
"Unnie! Play with me" 
"Where are your friend? Cute boy "I ask
"I don't have friends" he replied.
"Awww unnie will be your friend okk "I said picking him up.
"Okk "he said and smile.
"Unnie wants to know your name? "I said.
"My name is kean" he replied.
"Awwww so cute "
"Let's play "I  said and we started playing ball.

*Jungkook p.o.v
When I came back I saw y/n playing with little boy.
"Hey!" I said.
"Kean do you wanna have ice cream?" She ask and the boy nodded.
She took one ice cream and gave to the little boy.
She than took the other one as well and started to eat.
"Yah! What about me?" I ask.
"What? Just go and buy yourself" she replied.
"Unnie who is this?" Kean ask.
"Oh he's my brother" she replied and my jaw dropped.
WTF! Brother?
"Kean your here thank god didn't omma tell you not to go anywhere" she said while picking him up.
"I'm so sorry for disturbing you" the woman said.
"It's fine! He's a cute boy" y/n said while patting his head.
"Thank you! You guys look perfect together" the woman said and I smirk.
"Uhhh! Actually we are...oh thank you so much aunty "I said cutting y/n.

"Share with me "I said and she shook her head.
"Really you won't share" I ask and she nodded.
"Fine" I said and pull her closer to me and quickly peck her lips.
"Yummy! It tastes good" I said licking my lips.
"what the Jungkook" she yelled
"You ask for it "I replied.
"I think you should stop doing all this she said after keeping quiet for some time.
"Stop what? "I ask.
"You know  pulling or hauling me or kissing me "she said looking at me.
"I'm really Fed up and I don't like it, i feel like a toy and I'm not a toy. There lots of girls waiting to be with you and I think it's better if you just go and toy with them" she continued.

"I'm not toying with you y/n"
"I... I like you okk" I said my heart beating faster. 
"What? Did I hear the Right thing"
"Hahaaa not funny Jungkook" she said laughing.
"You don't believe me? "I ask.
"Do you believe?" She replied
"Fine "I said.

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