Castle in the Sky

Chapter 6

Do not be afraid of losing people; be afraid of losing yourself trying to please  
them. That was one of my favorite quotes from grandpa. He told me that  
one my first day of high school; he taught me an important message that  
day: human beings, by nature, are evil; people love doing evil; by nature we  
are enemies to God. You cannot please evil people by doing well, nor can  
you please good people by doing evil. When we choose to forever try to  
please the crowd, we are slowly by slowly losing our self. That day when  
grandpa told me this quote, a couple of tenth graders came toward me with  
cigarettes; there was a whole lot of them, so all eyes were on me. 
“Hey kid; have a smoke” one of them told me. I never smoked and I  
certainly hated smoking; then what grandpa was saying started making  
sense: I could’ve easily lost myself and became a smoker if I wanted to  
please people, but since I never really cared what others had to say about  
me, I rejected it point blank. Of course they were not pleased, but I was  
more scared of losing myself than I was of making men happy. 
“Catalina's my cousin, but I count her my sister. I never knew that you met  
her” she said sweetly. She never knew that I had done more than just meet  
her; she was my first love, my first girlfriend and my first kiss, but I didn’t  
want to tell her that. It wasn’t the right time. “Believe me when I tell you, I’ve  
done more than what you think with that girlie” I tell her. She grows a bit  
fascinated; “Tell me?” she says to me. “No” I reply “not now, Serenity.” 
She seemed a bit downcast by this, but it wasn’t my job to please her. 
Catalina and Jordan got into their huge SUV whereas Serenity and I used  
our feet to get back home; at her house, she stopped me at the door. She  
smiled at me while the sun was at an angle that pointed directly at her;  
stranger things  “Today was nice, Miles” she says gleamingly. “Yes… yes it was, Serenity” I  
reply. She walked over toward me and went on her tippy toes; and she gave  
me a heart-warming kiss. Catalina's one was almost nothing compared to  
hers; I repeat, almost nothing. It felt like eating marshmallows dipped in  
chocolate dipped in sprinkles; it was like having hot chocolate on a rainy  
morning; it was like having a sandwich with too much Nuttella in it; it was  
falling from the sky into a cloud.  
I had no words. 
“Miles… Miles wake up!” she shouts at me. “Goodness me; was it that  
nice?” she asks me. A thousand different voices in my head began  
screaming “This girl is mad; this girl is crazy; it’s pretty clear she doesn’t  
know her own power.” I blink at her very rapidly; “Are you joking, Serenity?”  
I ask her “how can you say something like that?” She nods her head in  
confusion; “Miles… I don’t have a lot of friends who appreciate me or  
understand me; they only think they know and appreciate me. When in  
reality, it is only God my creator who knows me” she said. Now, how on  
earth can you not love a girl like this? She had just what I was looking for.  
“I'm tired Miles; we’ll kiss more I mean we’ll speak more tomorrow” she  
stutters in embarrassment. She was adorable; very adorable. “Ok then; bye  
Serenity” I tell her. She smiles at me “Don’t miss me too much, ok Miles?”  
she said jokingly. She then left and went into her house. And when I went  
home, I couldn’t stop thinking about her; seriously! She was unbelievably  
believable. I did my homework with glee, I ate dinner with glee and I enjoyed  
my night because of her little effect over me.  
Late at night, I received a notification from Catalina: 
(Hi Miles) (Hi… why are you texting? I thought you didn’t want to talk  
to me…) (Yes; but “thought” once planted a feather, and thought a  
chicken would grow…) (What are you doing? Insulting my  
intelligence? Listen, I'm in a good mood; please don’t crush my heart  
for no reason) (Don’t be insane, Miles; I never came here to insult  
you…) But I blocked her as she was typing; sorry but I DIDN’T want to hear it. Not  
here and definitely not now; then I went to sleep. 
Skip nearly a month later, Serenity and I had grown much closer than I have  
with any other girl in the block. We went out almost every Friday, we did our  
homework together and we helped clean up each other’s backyards. She  
was perfect for me; we hardly ever had any arguments or disagreements,  
which was awesome because you can never beat a woman in an argument.  
It has been nearly an entire month without me shedding any tears either  
when I awoke or when I lay my head to sleep; Serenity made my life a little  
less hard.  
A little later after this, I slowly by slowly began regaining my happy persona,  
the one which I used to have when I was still a young kid; I'm sure we all  
remember childhood: everything was easy and simple; no stress, no hassle,  
no girlfriend or boyfriend issues and definitely no homework. It seems like  
everything has been taken c  
of four you, whenever you’re hungry you get to open the fridge and help  
yourself, whenever you’re tired you get to sleep at that moment and  
whenever you’re unhappy the entire family wants to hear your story. But  
once you’re thirteen and fourteen all this begins to slowly fade away… 
Serenity and I hung out a lot; she would always come over and I would help  
her do her hair and we’d listen to our favorite tracks and just eat and have a  
great laugh. The more we grew close, the more people forgot how I frowned  
in distress every day. I mean, she was super funny and great to be around;  
the kinda person who lights up the room when she walks into it. 
Later, when I was at school, I noticed Jordan and Catalina having a little  
dispute while I was standing at my locker. Jordan was speaking while she  
put that “Your words are hurting me” look in her eyes. Usually, I’d go in and  
disrupt it, but it was none of my business. After this I heard Jordan say “Se  
acabo Catalina; hemos terminado” in a slow tone. (Which means, “It’s over  
Catalina; were finished)


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