Ceo's Rented Love

2. Camille


"You know her?" Sam asked.

"We Uh...met yesterday at the hospital, " I answered.

"So you're my new personal assistant?" Elijah asked and I nodded my head and smiled in response.

"so what is our schedule for today?" Elijah asked.

"We start with your tour around the company, later on, you and Mr.Sam have a meeting with the new factory owner to end all the papers so you could start manufacturing the new collection of dresses" I explained and I swear he almost smiled when I was talking and Sam on the other hand, was nodding and smiling in appreciation.

"Okay, let's start our tour then, and you Sam, can go and check the factory once again, " Elijah said then got up from his desk and started walking out, in our way he held his hand out and I gave him his water bottle.

after we were finished with the tour, I went to my office which had a window that's connected to Elijah's office.

I was staring at him because who wouldn't, he is handsome, he has these flashing green eyes, this soft brown hair, and that sharp jawline, that's too much to even look at so how exactly am l supposed to make him fall in love with me.

a while later after I was too exhausted from looking at the computer, Elijah asked me to get him coffee, and of course, his coffee is black without anything else.

after getting him his coffee I was making a final check on the papers for the factory he suddenly asked "how is your mother?"

"What?" I asked immediately.

"your mother wasn't she at the hospital yesterday?"

"oh yeah, she's fine she will be making an operation tomorrow and then another one 1 week later, "

"good, I hope she gets well, " he said and I smiled at him.

after 10 minutes there was a knock on the door and a blonde woman entered the office.

to be honest, she was good looking and she kept flashing smiles to Elijah which made me feel something but I mean it can't be jealousy, I can't feel jealous.

"Cami, this is Bella, Bella this is Cami, my new assistant, " Elijah introduced us to each other, I got up and shook Bella's hand and I knew she would be trouble to my plan.

I was about to sit down when Bella said "can you please make me a cup of coffee, " I was about to answer her when Elijah stepped in and said "Bella, Cami is my assistant so she just gets me coffee and she got to go to Sam to show him some papers, "

I headed to the door and gave Elijah a quick thank you whisper and went to Sam's office.

"ah, Cami good you're here I wanted to talk to you, " Sam said.

"Me?" I asked.

"Yeah, sit down please," he said and I sat down on the couch beside him.

"I know, " he said and I looked at him and asked, "you know?"

"about the money that aunt Jennifer gave you so you would make Elijah-" I cut Sam off and said "please just don't end this sentence,"

"I know what you may think of me now but I swear I would never do something like that unless I have to and now I have to, my mother might die without her operations and I couldn't refuse the offer, I-" I couldn't finish my sentence and started crying.

"no, no don't cry, I get it okay, I just wanted to say whenever you need help I'm here, " he said and took my hand in his.

"Thank you," I said and gave him a reassuring smile.

"Sam, Camille, " we heard Elijah calling for us so I got up wiped my tears, and opened the door, and said "here, we're here, "

"come on, let's go, " Elijah said.

4 hours later...

I went to visit my mom then took off to my home, to find my best friends waiting for me on the steps, Ashley and Sean, I ran and hugged them and gave them a recap about the last 2 days.

"WHAT! all of this happened to you and you didn't even call us, " Ashley said.

"she is right you should have called us, " Sean said and I really started getting angry.

"oh yeah and tell you what, (hey guys I turned out to be a heartless bitch, who is going to play with someone else's feelings.) right?" I replied angrily.

"I wasn't going to put it that way but after hearing you say it, it makes more sense, " Ashley said and I put my face in my hands and sat on the doorstep.

"Hey, Cami, " Sean put his hand on my shoulder and continued "we're here for you, and we are gonna figure it out,"

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