Cerestial: A Brief Beginning

Devin Drew

Friday 20th March 2020


The purr of the motorbike set Devin Drew’s soul ablaze with anticipation. The man’s large hands that were wrapped in fingerless leather gloves squeezed at the handles, he could feel the energy of the engine and the adrenaline of the stunts he’d been pulling emanating through his veins.

Behind him, several motorbikes gave chase, yet never got too close to their leader of the pack. Swerving through the road lanes that were lined with trees and dodging traffic by mere inches, it was a time where Devin felt alive. Anyone who didn’t look hard enough could have very easily seen a pack of wolves thundering along the roads, but even that thought wouldn’t have been completely incorrect.

Devin’s lip twitched into a wide smirk as he often leant too far one way, the elbow pieces of his black leather jacket catching onto the gravel and threatening to tear. He could feel the air rushing off the ground and into his face, feel the dirt skimming past his shining yellow eyes.

This is what it was to truly live and he loved it.

Pulling the Motorbike back up into an upright position, he let out a loud howl of laughter; large canines shining in the hazy sunlight that broke through the trees, before the bikes finally broke free from the woodland area. It was a Friday night and this meant it was time to take the town and to take whatever he found and wanted.

Somehow, the Grand City always managed to surprise him.


Devin let out a pleased sigh as the engine came to a standstill under him and a purr left his lips. He leant down, kissing the handlebar of the Classic Harley Davidson he had come to love as if it were his own family, snickering as he slowly slid off the bike and stretched himself out, revealing himself to the entryway of the club that he’d parked outside of. The Grand Lure had become a regular place for him and his gang to appear at, especially on Fridays. What could he say? Club-goers dug a guy in leather.

Devin’s heavy combat boots hit the pavement and red lighting was cast over him as he prowled alongside the queue of humans awaiting their entry to the club. He could sense the eyes on him and it made him shiver in the excitement of the hunt.

Now, Devin knew he was attractive; it was how he got away with so many things. He just loved telling the story of how he once seduced a Police Officer into letting him walk free; Not that he couldn’t have got away anyway, but he did love stretching his troublemaking reach out where he could. The red lighting brought a shine to the sweat on his brow, causing his tan skin to seem to glow and fade out into darkness with the stubble lining his jaw. Pausing at the Bouncer, he just had to give one look of his shining yellow eyes and the said Guard took a step back to allow him and the group of bikers following him inside the club.

Ah. He loved having an influence. Maybe it was the scars on his nose and cheek that set it into people's heads that he wasn’t to be messed with, if his gang or intense stare wasn’t the thing to settle that already.

Moving slowly into the club with heavy footsteps, his yellow orbs buzzed over the people dancing briefly before settling on a space at the end of the bar. Hey, maybe that new kid was working.

Shaking himself out for a moment, he readied his senses, then sauntered across the path of the club to take his place in the designated spot. Of course, he had to pause a couple of times on his way there, taking steps around young girls who looked up at him with a sense of intrigue and hormones. It was fine, one wink to them and they were set for the rest of the night.

Perching at the end of the marble bar, he felt the coolness below his hands that contradicted the heat ebbing from his palms. What could he say? He was hot-blooded; it ran in his family, you could say. Either way, the cold and sticky surface was a nice welcome, he wouldn’t dare take his leather off even in this heat, so he was stuck with using the bar and a drink for a cool down.

Speaking of; A drink!

“Jude!” Devin called out, looking over to the flustered bartender who was stood at the opposite end of the bar. The said brunette bartender flinched and span, having finished handing what looked like a sort of cocktail to a red-haired man beside him, “Oh! Devin!” Jude grinned, eyes gleaming, “I’ll be two secs’, would ya like yer usual?”

Devin’s eyebrow cocked before he nodded and snickered, “Sure, kid,” He called back over as his eyes flicked across and rested on the red-haired man, “What are you having? Looks pretty fancy!” He remarked, his eyes glinting with mischief.

The man however slowly looked back over to him, and Devin caught himself for a brief moment. Oh, jeez. These damn club-goers and their weird sclera contacts. Not that he could complain, having yellow eyes naturally, yet having pure black staring back at you was quite off-putting.

Good luck getting someone to go home with you, I guess.

A slow, strange smile crossed the Red-haired man’s lips and he slowly brought the martini glass to his mouth, “Apple Martini, perhaps you should try it sometime, yes?” He responded simply, almost absentmindedly.

Devin caught himself frowning before he shook himself once more and chuckled, picking up the pint of beer that was placed in front of him, “Thanks, but I have my tastes and you have yours.” He snickered as he turned away from the man, nodding to Jude a moment later who was now stood by him and wiping beer off his hands.

Poor Lad was still learning how to pour a pint so it seemed.

“Mind putting it on my Big Brothers tab?” Devin asked with a wink, looking over Jude a little, “If he appears and asks, just blame it on me, yeah?” He snickered, taking a large gulp of the beer in his hands.

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