Chrome 2968

Chapter 1 - Copernicus

A deafening silence filled the pitch-black environment, save for a tiny red blinking dot in the middle.

A crescent appeared. However, it’s not our moon, but the night side of Earth with our sun just behind it. We had been facing the dark side of the moon all along.

Panning closer to Earth, chaotic nightlights flickered wildly. Something was wrong.

EARTH — August 28, 2968 — 8:28 pm Eastern Standard Time

Turning a complete 180, we moved back towards our moon as it reflected the majestic lights coming from our sun.

As we zoomed closer, a moon base appeared, located deep in a lunar impact crater named after the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

Entering Moonbase Copernicus through a massive transparent window, we finally heard sounds.

“Lieutenant, any words from United Earth?” asked the Moonbase Commander.

“Nothing, Doctor Brown,” Lieutenant Michael Lloyd replied, his intense eyes glued to their giant screen. “We’ve lost all kinds of communication from everybody.”

“They’re running out of time,” Dr. Marty Brown showed his dismay, looking much like his messy white hair.

The giant monitor displayed several spacecraft, all leaving Earth at a frantic pace.

“Lieutenant,” Brown ordered, tucking his hands in the pockets of his white laboratory coat. “Send out my probe.”

“Yes, Doc. On my mark. Probe launching in 3—2—1, mark.”

We followed the quiet probe taking off from Moonbase Copernicus. In complete silence, it torpedoed into space, rushing towards Earth. Entering the atmosphere, we heard echoes of wind blowing followed by debris hitting the probe while it traveled across the chaotic night lights of Europe.

Reaching the dayside of Earth, strong wind and debris took turns punishing the probe as it flew over the Atlantic Ocean. Land visibility was New York as we spotted the Statue of Liberty ripping off from its foundation. It charged towards the probe, almost colliding.

Everybody at Moonbase Copernicus gasped in horror at the imminent destruction of Earth.

We saw airborne cars, trees, and other objects hurling everywhere as the probe passed through Washington, Colorado, and Nevada. Finally, it slowed down in California, making a complete stop as we faced the coastal area.

“Great Scott,” Dr. Brown exclaimed.

We witnessed a gigantic wave over 1,000 miles high racing towards Los Angeles — sweeping everything on its path, including the probe.

Ryo Francis

Edited: 24.03.2021

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