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Chapter 6 - The Four Horsemen

Dr. Brian Carpenter sat in his office with a glass of scotch in his hand. White House guests had left already while the entire team is in the conference room.

He wiped his tears while recalling the first time he met the young prodigy as a freshman at MIT. I knew right away that Joshua was something special.

By the time Joshua got his degree, they’ve developed a strong bond. He treated Joshua like his own son. Dr. Carpenter broke down again.

After a few minutes, he drank his scotch. I need to stay strong. Using less amount, maybe half a gram of Almightium will do the trick. Theoretically, that would still produce over 2GW of energy. For you, Joshua, we will finish what you started.

He stood and left his office.

Inside the conference room, the stunned science team sat quietly.

“Je$us Chri$t,” Dr. Stanley Lucas yelled, breaking the silence in the room. “The sheer power completely disintegrated Dr. Joshua Jones.”

“Everyone, listen up,” Dr. Brian Carpenter entered, “White House officials agreed. No matter how tragic it was, the project was a success. With some minor recalibration, we will easily contain the power generated in our future tests.”

“Dr. Joshua Jones is a hero,” Dr. Brian Carpenter said while holding back his emotion. “He sacrificed himself to prevent an even greater disaster by saving us from an imminent explosion. It pains me to lose Joshua like that, but we should do everything to succeed with his project, in honor of Dr. Joshua Jones.”

Everybody cheered, clapping their hands.

“Get some rest, everyone. On Monday, we’ll make the necessary adjustment and finished what Joshua started. See you all next week.”

As Dr. Carpenter left, Dr. Stanley Lucas and the rest of the team decided to drink and chill. After an hour of drinking, Dr. Lucas excused himself as he walked to his office. “It’s me, Mr. Russo. Sorry for calling so late...”

After hanging up the phone, Dr. Lucas fell asleep on his chair.


Three hours later, back at the laboratory, a bright light beamed inside the main chamber as four mysterious figures appeared. They walked out of the RADS reactor.

The first one was all white, carrying a white crown on his head and a white bow on his shoulder. The second was all red, with a massive red sword strapped on his waist. The third was black, holding what looks like a weighing scale. And the fourth one was a pale but enigmatic figure.

“Famine,” the pale man commanded. “Go and look for Dr. Joshua Jones. Conquest, you go after Engineer Francisco Ford.”

“War,” he stared at the red man. “Stay here with me.”

Conquest and Famine left while the pale man pulled out a sphere from his chest. He threw it near the reactor as the ball opened and absorbed the whole RADS reactor, including the particle accelerator and the steam turbine generator.

The sphere closed and floated back to his hand. The pale man inserted it back into his chest.


Dr. Stanley Lucas woke up. Glancing at his watch, it read 6:48 pm.

He looked out the window and saw Dr. Carpenter on a bench near a fountain.

Brian smoked his cigar, but something caught his teary eyes. A mysterious figure was approaching him.

“Who are you?” Dr. Carpenter looked in awe as the black figure stood in front of him.

“I am Famine,” the black figure replied. “Where is Dr. Joshua Jones?”

The beautiful black woman captivated the old scientist.

“Where is Dr. Joshua Jones?” she asked again.

“He, he’s dead, killed this morning in our experiment. Wait, who are you again?”

Famine placed her left index finger on Dr. Carpenter’s forehead.

“You, poor old man. Let me put you out of your misery,” she pulled out a black knife and stabbed Dr. Carpenter in the chest.

Dr. Lucas gasped, cupping his mouth. He ran to the conference room, but to his horror, he found all his colleagues dead.

“It’s me again,” he almost dropped his phone while he stared at the spotless conference room. “We need to meet now, and I mean now. You have to protect me.”

Ryo Francis

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