Chrome 2968

Chapter 17 - Lorraine Thompson

Cut to — New York, May 31, 2968

Lorraine Thompson is the president and founder of Elixir Science Corporation. She also happens to be the wife of Five Star General George Kurosawa of the United Earth Security Council.

She is riding an artificial intelligence assisted electromagnetic hover car.

(Hover cars use magnets on its base as they floats and moves with zero friction over magnetic road.)

Lorraine speaks to her holographic interface: “You are just being paranoid.”

George Kurosawa in the hologram: “My intel — they are never wrong. I am sending additional securities now.”

Lorraine: “Ares wouldn’t dare…”

George: “Better safe than sorry — especially for Joanne’s sake.”

Lorraine: “Alright George — for Joanne.”

Lorraine looks outside: “I’m here already and I will take good care of her.”

The car enters Columbia University.


Joanne: “What? My dad is still there?”

A 13 year old Japanese girl in the holographic display replies: “Yes.”

Joanne: “Hey Itsuha, where are your two buddies?”

Itsuha: “Oh…. Papi and teddy — come here.”

She continues: “By the way, I dressed them up — coz we are going to the park.”

Joanne screams: “Let me see them.”

Itsuha: “You two, where are your manners? Say hello to Joanne.”

Papi, a Japanese Spitz dressed like a sailor.

Papi speaks in her high pitched voice: “Hi Joanne.”

Teddy, an eight foot brown bear dressed in a suit.

Teddy in his low growling voice: “Hello Joanne — long time, no see.”

Joanne: “You two… take good care of my favorite cousin.”

Papi and Teddy both nod.

Itsuha: “They got new skills. I uploaded Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu to both of them.”

Papi: “I can box too.”

Teddy: “And I can wrestle.”

Itsuha: “And I set their sense of humor to the max — to make it more fun.”

Joanne: “You guys are crazy.”

Itsuha: “We are crazy…”

Joanne continues: “Itsuha, I gotta go… mom is here.”

The holographic interface cuts off.


Lorraine gets out of her car.

Joanne embraces: “Hi mom.”

Lorraine: “Your dad was supposed to get you today but he is still in Tokyo.”

Joanne: “I know — Mitsuha told me.”

Joanne continues: “Beside I like it more when you pick me up.”

Lorraine: “Somehow I don’t believe you… daddy’s girl.”

Lorraine and Joanne enters their hover car.

Lorraine: “Home.”

All hover cars are fully automated as it cruises to their home, which is in Newport, New Jersey.

Lorraine: “What do you like for dinner? I can cook your favorite spaghetti.”

Joanne: “Yes mom… spaghetti…”

Lorraine: “You’re not tired of my spaghetti yet?”

Joanne: “Nope… it is the best spaghetti in the whole world.”

As their car enters the Holland tunnel, a large noise erupts.

The tunnel shakes, walls cracks and water leaks in.

Joanne: “Mom…”

Lorraine: “An earthquake? No… Ares… it can’t be…”

Lorraine realizes water is rising fast: “Locate the ventilation tower. That maybe is our only chance…”

Car monitor displays the ventilation entrance is near.

Lorraine gets out of the car as she looks for the door: “There. Let’s go Joanne…”

She hugs the frightened Joanne: “It’s alright… we can make it…”

Lorraine injects her daughter’s neck surprising Joanne.

Joanne: “What was that?”

Lorraine: “It’s for your own safety.”

Ryo Francis

#126 in Science fiction
#671 in Young adult

Story about: comedy, time travel, superheroes

Edited: 24.03.2021

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