Chrome 2968

Chapter 14 - Death

Cut to – the power room

Death’s chest opens as he places the fusion reactor inside. His chest then closes.

He reaches for the Gormandizer. He pulls out a piece of Almightium and inserts it inside the Gormandizer. Finally, he puts the Gormandizer down on the floor as the ground starts to shake.

Joshua just made it to the power room: “What did you do?”

Death: “You are too late Dr. Jones.”

A bright light shines.

James and Joanne are still far from the power room.

James: “Is this an earthquake?”

Joanne: “I don’t know.”

Peachy: “Everyone, the Gormandizer is absorbing Almightium from the Royal Peregrine — eventually it will absorb all Almightium.”

Joshua: “How do we stop it?”

Peachy: “We can’t.”

James: “Oh no…”

Joanne: “The Royal Peregrine — how do we save it?”

Peachy: “We can’t save it. The Gormandizer is unstoppable.”

Joshua: “Get your ship database and your library of knowledge and technologies – save them all. Knowledge is power.”

Peachy: “Alright, I am downloading them now.”

Joshua: “And Peachy, we need to fly out of here — we are still underwater.”

Peachy: “Affirmative - we are beginning our ascent.”

Joanne and James finally reach the power room.

Joshua: “We got you cornered now, old man.”

Joanne and James slowly walk closer towards Death.

Joshua charges Death for a takedown, but he passes through him again.

Joshua looks around: “Chuck it… not again.”

Peachy: “We are in trouble. Death is now here in the library.”

Joanne: “James, he is after your dad.”

James dashes to the library.

Joanne: “Joshua, come on.”

Joshua: “Don’t mind me… I will think of a way to stop the Gormandizer.”

Peachy: “Joshua, the Gormandizer is unstoppable. The Royal Peregrine will eventually disappear completely.”

Joshua: “But can we reverse it after…”

Peachy: “It might work.”

Joshua: “Good, I will guard the Gormandizer from Death.”

Joanne: “Joshua, I will go and help James.”

Joshua: “Joanne, make sure Peachy saves all her library data.”

Joanne: “Gotcha.”

Joanne sprints to the library.

Peachy sensing Death: “Engineer Ford, stay behind me.”

Death: “Love your spaceship. Too bad, I have to destroy it all — just to get what I need.”

Peachy: “Why did you use the Gormandizer to absorb the Almightium?”

Death: “You know very well why…”

Death continues: “Mr. Ford, come now. It is your time to go.”

Francisco: “No… I would rather stay here with Peachy.”

Death smiling: “Peachy… funny name for an advance… oh my — you are human.”

Death shows his long scythe: “Scared now?”

James makes it to the power room: “You stay away from my dad.”

Death turns towards James: “You must be James.”

James transforms his left arms to a shield and his right arms to a sword.

Death strikes first. He swings his scythe as James uses his left shield to block, but the scythe is too sharp. It cuts away a big chunk of the chrome shield away.

James: “Cheese and rice.”

James swings his right sword hitting the staff of the scythe as he retreats. James changes what is left of his shield to a dagger.

Death walks closer to James and pushes his scythe downward. James blocks it with his right sword. The scythe cuts through his chrome sword as James rolling away just in time to avoid the sharp scythe.

Joanne reaches the library: “James…”

Death looks at Joanne: “Welcome to the party.”

James: “Joanne, be careful. He has a scythe. It is way too sharp — it can cut through our chrome armor.”

Ryo Francis

Edited: 24.03.2021

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