Chrome 2968

Chapter 9 - Conquest (part2)

“Wait, are you wearing your chrome armor?” Joanne asked.

“Yes, we both are,” James nodded. “Hang on, one last thing.”

“I’m taking the remaining secret ingredient,” James went to his father’s working table. Opening a metal box, he touched the content. “Got them all.”

“Finally,” Joanne rolled her eyes.

They rushed to the elevator. It’s going up.

“It’s Conquest,” Joanne stepped back. “Plan B, where are the stairs?”

“It’s at the end of the hallway,” James pointed to the other side.

“Let’s go, fast.”

The trio sprinted to the other side of the hallway.

“By the way, where are we going?” James asked.

“To the source of your secret material.”

James nodded as they climbed down the stairs while Conquest came out of the elevator.

Joanne, James, and Mr. Ford made their way out of the building.

“Which one is your car?” Joanne asked.

“It’s not here,” James shrugged. “It’s parked in the basement.”

“Now, you’re telling me,” Joanne glared at James.

“Well, you didn’t ask,” James protested.

“Oopsie,” Joanne scratched her head.

Looking out the window, Conquest spotted them. He fired energy blasts from his bow, but Joanne morphed a chrome shield from her forearm to deflect them. The discharge destroyed some cars parked across the street.

Conquest jumped down from the sixth floor, landing but destroying most of the sidewalk.

Joanne darted towards Conquest. “You didn’t nail your landing.”

Conquest swung his bow, but Joanne ducked in time to avoid getting hit. She flipped backward, giving a big kick to the chin, as it sent Conquest crashing across the opposite building.

“Plan C,” Joanne scanned the street, spotting a black Honda Civic. “Automatic transmission, that will do.”

Using her right index finger, she opens the car door. “Get in.”

James and his dad enter the car. She uses her right index finger to start the engine. “Where to?”

“Huntington Beach,” James and his father replied.

“Everyone,” Joanne stepped on the gas hard. “Buckle up.”

“Dad, seatbelt,” James wore his seatbelt.

Seated at the back, Mr. Ford fastened his seatbelt too.

Conquest got to his feet and walked to the middle of the street, forcing a white Maserati Ghibli to a hard stop.

“You fu©king moron!” an old rich white guy yelled. “You think you own this street. Well, let me tell you $tupid—”

Conquest dragged the driver out of his car and threw him up in the air. He came crashing down on some parked cars across the street. Conquest entered the Maserati and drove away. He pressed the left side of his forehead with his left hand. “Engineer Francisco Ford got away with the help of Joanne.”

“Joanne? Joanne Thompson Kurosawa? She’s here?”

“Yes, but I am chasing them now.”

“Don’t let them escape,” the pale man ordered.


Joanne drove the Honda Civic as fast as she could, but the Maserati sports car was catching up.

“He’s gaining on us,” James looked behind.

“I know, but the friction is slowing us down,” Joanne complained. “I can’t go any faster.”

“Friction? You mean the road and the rubber tires.”

“Yes, electromagnetic hover cars are so much more efficient.”

“Wow, is that what you guys use in the future?”

“Yup, hover cars have magnets on their base, floating frictionless over the magnetic roads.”


“Guys,” Engineer Francisco Ford interrupted. “He’s right behind us.”

“I know,” Joanne giggled, “but I still have a little trick up my sleeves. James, kindly put your hands on the dashboard.”

James touched the dashboard while Joanne drove the steering wheel. She was somehow able to control the chrome armor from James.

Chrome matter enveloped the whole car.

James gasped, “What the frog?”

Chrome wings extended outward on both sides of their car. Using the Bernoulli principle, the chrome wings with their airfoil shape lifted the car off from the ground.

“Cheese and rice!” James yelled in delight.

The black Honda Civic took off, flying away while Conquest gave up the chase.

“Young lady,” Engineer Ford asked. “Where did you get this flying car?”

Joanne and James laughed out loud.

Ryo Francis

Edited: 24.03.2021

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