Chrome 2968

Chapter 12 - Peachy (part1)

Engineer Francisco Ford is in his element as Veracious cruises into the sea.

James is overjoyed to see his dad finally enjoying himself. It’s really been a long time.

Joanne: “So, he is just slowly regaining his memory.”

James: “Yes, and I don’t know how he will handle the stress of the four horsemen.”

Joanne decides: “Alright, let’s just keep him in the dark… for now.”

James agrees.

Francisco Ford shouts: “We’re almost there.”

Joanne: “Where are we heading, exactly?”

James: “Coordinate… latitude 33.62 and longitude -118.02, which is a few miles out of Huntington Beach.”

Joanne: “That’s where the source of your chrome material… the secret ingredient comes from?”

Francisco shouts: “We’re here.”

Joanne is puzzled: “Now what?”

James: “Now we dive — dad, can you control your chrome armor?”

Francisco winks: “Of course, I can son… I think? Follow me.”

He jumps into the water.

James: “Come on. Let’s dive.”

Joanne: “What about Veracious? Your dad didn’t anchor the yacht…”

James: “Don’t worry about it… it is safely locked in this coordinate.”

Joanne: “Alright… if you say so.”

Joanne winks as she jumps in with James following right behind her.

As they go deeper, their chrome suits light up. Their helmets flash bright lights for them to see where they are heading.

They eventually reach the bottom of the sea as James points to an entrance of some big structure. They begin walking underwater towards the big structure.

They reach the entrance. The door automatically opens, but somehow water cannot pass through the door. As soon as they enter, the door closes and the structure lights up.

Joanne looks around: “This is at the bottom of the sea. How did you find this place?”

James scratches his head: “Actually, this is also my first time to be down here.”

Joanne is confused: “What?”

A female voice speaks: “Welcome to the Royal Peregrine.”

She continues: “Hello Joanne. Hello James. And how are you feeling, Engineer Ford?”

Francisco smiling: “I feel terrific.”

Joanne surprised: “Who said that?”

The female voice: “My name is Peachy. I am the female voice Engineer Ford and James had been hearing inside their head.”

Joanne looking around: “Where are you exactly?”

Peachy: “I am communicating through telepathy. Unfortunately, my vessel is trapped in my cryosleep chamber. My spacecraft lost power when it crash landed on Earth.”

Joanne nods: “You are communicating with us telepathically. Wait… I thought you have lost your power?”

Peachy: “My main power is down. Now, I am just using my back up power.”

Peachy continues: “Engineer Ford, can you kindly stand still for a while?”

Francisco: “Sure, no problem.”

Francisco Ford stands still when a beam of red light begins scanning him.

Peachy: “72% physically, 94% mentally and 95% emotionally.”

Peachy continues: “Nice work James… though it took you more than two weeks.”

James: “Sorry, but it was really kind of tricky. His chip is totally different from mine. I have to redesign most of its part to take into accounts all his traumatic brain injury.”

James continues: “Anyway, the new chip basically made his brain injury reversible. And I have you to thank — because I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

Peachy: “Glad to help, James.”

Joanne: “Wait, you are the female voice inside James’ head — that told him to trust me?”

Peachy: “Yes, that is correct Joanne.”

Joanne smiles as she throws a soft jab at James’ shoulder.

James is confused: “What?”

Peachy: “Sorry about the escape hatch. I did not take into account that you could hit your head and lose your memory.”

Francisco: “That’s alright. It was really my fault.”

Ryo Francis

Edited: 24.03.2021

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