Crazy billionaire's maid


Xander placed a hand on the side of his cheek, wondering if he actually just got slapped by a woman. A delivery woman. The first thing he did was to call the company she works for and got her sacked.

"Kate!!." Xander yelled, his voice sounding so angry. Mrs Kate stood in front of his office door, wondering if she should go in or run for her life.

"Kate!!." Xander calls again. Kate sighs and decides to go into the slaughtering room, it's not like her head ever comes off.

"Sir you called me." Kate says walking into the office..

"Kate how is it possible for that insane lady to get into my office, when you are just right outside my office." Xander asks.

"Actually sir, I tried stopping her but she wouldn't listen. She walked into the office before I could block her, I'm really sorry sir." Kate apologise.

"You're fired." Xander says in a casual voice. He is angry and he needs to pour out that anger on any available scapegoat.

"But sir, you can't fire me. This is my means of livelihood, sir please don't fire me." Kate begs going on her knees. Xander wasn't ready to listen, his mind has already being made up, she's is the scapegoat.

"You! Are! Fired! Mrs Kate. Get out of my office before i call security." Xander threatened taking his phone.

"Is alright sir, there's no need for that. I will go." Kate smiles tightly walking towards the door, then stops and turned around. "But, before I leave. I would love to let you know, that you are nothing but an insolent, arrogant bitchy, pompous boss that has nothing but cold attitude to give to this damn world. Not only those your bitchy rude self sucks but your managing spirit, I pity the girl you're going to get married to. Please do me a favour and tell her I say sorry in advance. You should also know I never once enjoyed working for you, who would want to work under an uncompleted construction like you, if you were completed then I'm sure you won't be having such characters. I guess the ink in God's pen finished when it got to your turn, and that's why he didn't design you very well. Have a nice day ex-boss. It wasn't a pleasure working with you." With all that said Kate walks out of her boss office a fulfilled woman, she had been wanting to say that for a very long time but she hadn't cause she's afraid of losing her job. Well, now she lost her job, what is keeping her from opening her mouth. Kate 1, boss 0.

Xander sits on his chair, his jaw hardened his expression angry. In just a day he got insulted by two women, not even men but women. Agrhh, now his going to need another scapegoat and he knows who that scapegoat is gonna be. No one else but the stupid delivery lady.

"Mr Roberts, I want you to send your men to arrest a certain lady for me." Xander went on to give every information needed to find the stupid delivery lady.


"I can't believe you lost another job, come on Karina, you promised me." Sophie exclaims staring at her friend who is now once more jobless.

"I know I promised not to misbehave, but you should have seen what this particular arrogant man put me through. He called me names and asked me to wait outside for God knows how long." Karina defended.

"But still yet, you shouldn't have slapped him. It wasn't even one slap, you slapped him three time, three consecutive times. Come on Karina, when you got this job, what was the first rule they gave you?." Sophie asks hands in waist.

"Uhm, that the costumers are always right. I hate that rule, is total bullshit." Karina says with a frown on her face.

"And do you think the ones who invented that rule doesn't know that, but they still tell each and every new worker they get. The costumers are not always right, but there's nothing you can do about that, you need to work so you could get paid and by working i mean enduring all the customers motherf!cking attitude. Geez Karina, you don't have to react to every single thing." Sophie lectures, clearly annoyed by her friends inconsistent misbehavior.

"I just couldn't stand by and watch him insult me, it was so frustrating." Michelle says blinking her eyes, pouting.

"Oh geez. Michelle I don't have time for this, I need to be at work. My shift start now, see you in the evening." Sophie pecked her friend on the cheek, and made to walk out, "Soph." Michelle calls.

"Yes babe." Sophie answers turning around to face her friend.

"Are you mad at me." Michelle asks her sadly, pouting. Sophie sighs, walks over to her friend placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "No, I'm not mad at you. I'm just annoyed that you can't get a stable job, what job have you not done and in all those job you get sacked in less than a week. Come on babe, you would always promise me you won't get sacked but you always end up breaking the promise, it's not going to be a promise if you can't even try to fulfill it. I have to go now best friend, see you tomorrow morning." Sophie gave a side hug then walked away.

Michelle sits down on the couch, sighing exaggeratedly. She wished she could control her anger, so Sophie won't get disappointed anymore but she can't. Her parents are dead and Sophie is the only person she has in this whole wide world, they have been friends since highschool. And ever since highschool, the both of them had continued their friendship.

A knock on the door got Michelle attention, she got up and walked over to the door and open it.

"Are you Michelle Sylvester." The police man outside her doorstep asks. Michelle eyes the police man wearily wondering why he is here, "Yes, that's me."

"Well, you are under arrest, you have a right to a lawyer. I will advice you to remain silent, cause anything you say or do would be used against you in the court of law." The policeman recites showing Michelle his badge.

"What the heck." She utters.


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