Crazy billionaire's maid


"Here is your coffee, sir." Michelle says innocently walking into Xander's office. Xander raised his head up from the files on his desk, "drop it there." He said.

Michelle walks forward and drops the tray of coffee on the desk, then stood idly waiting if he needed any other thing, for her to do.

"You can go, if I need your services, I will call you." Xander informs her, Michelle nods her head then walked out of his room.

Xander rubs his head tiredly, staring at the file on his table, he has to have this done and really fast. He takes the cup of coffee from the tray, he takes a sip from it, then spurts it out immediately.

"Michelle!!! Michelle!!! Michelle!!!." Xander growls, like an angry bear.


Michelle lays on her bed, giggling. She imagined Xander's face when he will have a taste of the special coffee she made for him. She giggles loudly, clapping for herself in her head.

"Michelle!! Michelle!!! Michelle!!." She sits up immediately oh hearing Xander's loud roar. "Oh geez, what am I going to do now, I can't go and answer him, I can't. Uhm, I will hide in the bathroom." She gets up from the bed, rushed in to the bathroom, then closed the door.

"Michelle!! Michelle!! What the hell is that...." Xander stops in mid sentence, on seeing Michelle's room empty.

"Michelle! Where the heck are you, come out right now. Come out!." He yelled searching the room for her, she was no way to be found. Not under the bed, not in the wardrobe. He goes over to the bathroom, and tried opening the door, locked.

"Michelle, come out right this minute. Michelle, open the door, right now." Xander growls banging on the door, really hard.

"Michelle!!." Xander roars, he banged on the door three times but still no answer from Michelle.

"Michelle, if you don't open this door right now, I'm going to make a call to the chief of police and I know you don't want that."

"You can call the freaking army if you want, but I'm not getting out of here." Michelle yelled back from the bathroom. Xander sighs, rubbing his hand on his face, wondering what to do next.

He thinks for a while then remembered he has a spare a key to the door, "I would advice you to open this door right now, cause if I do that myself, you won't like the outcome."

Michelle yawns loudly, relaxing into the bathtub. Loving the feeling of the warm water around her, she made some bubbles and relaxed more, once she is sure Xander has left the house to the office, only then would she step out.

Michelle wasn't aware of her surroundings anymore, cause she was already in cloud nine. She wasn't aware of the fact that the billionaire just walked into the bathroom. "So you serve me salty coffee and then come here to have a relaxing bath." Xander says calmly, resting on the door. Michelle six sense fully became alert, her eyes opened and she stares at Xander in shock. "How did you get in." She asked not rising up, afraid if she does the foam won't cover her nakedness.

"You seem to be forgetting that, this is my house." Xander says boredly walking towards to the bathtub. "Don't come any closer, stay where you are, Xander. I said stay right there." Michelle yells, her heart beating, wondering what he has on his mind.

"Uhm, you seem to be forgetting something, you shouldn't be addressing me by my name." Xander crouched down next to the bathtub, having a smug look on his face. He dips his finger in the bathtub, still having a smug look on his face. Michelle placed both of her hands on her chest, wishing the ground would just open and swallow her, this is not the kind of situation she had ever wished to be. Never.

Xander chuckles, takes out his finger from the bathtub then said, "Don't worry, I do not want to touch your body." Michelle breaths out in relief, as Xander gets up, he walks to the door of the bathroom then added, "I don't have any interest in your ugly body." He smirked, although she couldn't see his smirk but she could definitely feel the arrogance dripping from his words.

Once he was out of the bathroom, she equally gets up, cleans her body then wore her clothes. "How dare he call my body ugly." She says out loud, marching to Xander's room.

Michelle bangs on Xander's room door really hard, the inside of her boiling really loud. "Do not break down my door, this shit cause a lot of money." Xander growls opening his door.

"Do I look like I give a fuck about how much the door it's cost. Now look at me young man, my body is not ugly, there's no way you can definitely define my body with the word ugly. Do you know how many amount of guys chased me everyday, so they could have a feel of this(she points to her body) do you know? So don't you ever, read my lips, don't you ever call my body ughy again, cause the next time you do that, that would be the last time you will ever talk. Bye." She huffs then walked away angrily. Xander stares at the crazy girl confused, wondering if she actually just rambled all what she just said.

"Do you still have more words to say." Xander asks with an extremely bored sigh, when he saw her coming back.

"Yeah, actually I have one more thing to say and that is, I want you to tell me right now, that I have a beautiful body." Xander stared at her for a while trying to process what she just said, after a few minutes he starts to laugh. "You want me, Xander Collins, to tell you Michelle Sylvester that you have a beautiful body." Xander asks to be clear.

"Yeah, yes that's what I want. I want you to say that." Michelle says boldly, staring at him intently, not backing down.

"Wow, you're funny. Well, what if I say I won't say it." Xander asks, equally staring straight at her. He is the boss here, and he won't let her change that fact.

"I guess, I will just have to make you say it." Michelle smirked at him, her eyes challenging him.

"Hmm, I will like to see you do that." Now, this is what he likes a challenge.

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