Cross Paths

Chapter 3 - Headbutts

Delilah slammed the door to open. A middle-aged man in his tuxedo was commanding three of his men to take everything inside her house.

"No one's taking anything!" She shouted. But none of the three men stopped. The leader faced her with a straight expression.

"Good morning, Police Officer Fender. Just a few things to carry and we'll get going. I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

She hasn't taken her breakfast for the day but a four-versus-one battle sounds good. So she grabbed the vase near her and threw it to him. Unfortunately, he was attentive to avoid the flying vase.

Delilah gave the first punch and it landed on his left cheek. It took the man two seconds to get back at her by also giving her a blow on her right jaw. She felt dizzy and fell down to the ground.

She surely have a strong fists but she's not the best fighter. Especially, on man-to-woman battle.

Her opponent was holding his cheek, obviously pained by her punch. At least, he got hurt.

"Men, take her to the car. She needs some medication." Now she's alarmed when he said 'medication'.

Then big hands carelessly grabbed her arms. "Where are you taking me?! Let me go!"

She was constantly trying to slip away but her determination was overtaken by the men holding her. They opened the door of a black car and shoved her inside.

Wait, that black car looks familiar?

Then the leader entered and sat on her right side while the other big guy was on her left. The two others where sat front.

Delilah stared at this man who also looks familiar.

"I have a wife, please stop staring--"

"I knew it! You're the driver of that arrogant guy!" She shouted to his face. But he just chuckled at her reaction.

"How did you passed the police exam when you're forgetful?" He said then stared again at the road.

"How come you have a wife when you're an asshole?" She backfired.

She thought that he would punch her again when he looked coldly at her. But he went back on starting at the road again. She probably hit a sore spot.

They traveled for fifteen minutes to reach a skyscraper building. They all got out of the car, then she was pushed to walk inside. She's not handcuffed nor held but she's surrounded by these men.

Everyone greeted the driver/leader when they were walking to the elevator. She got a few staring from the employees until they entered. He pressed the buttons and the elevator went up.

She knew where they were heading and who she was about to meet. Hence, a tremble was creeping inside her.

They passed a table with a blonde girl smiling at them. Then a silver door were opened. There was a man working, the papers was all over his table. He didn't even looked at them when they entered.

His hair was styled the same and the royal blue suit was hugging his perfectly built body. He was sitting on his chair like a king.

Delilah was dragged out of her thinking when the man beside him talked.

"Mr. Everingham, 'Police Officer' Fender is here."

She immediately reacted, "I told you I am a officer!"

"Then where's your badge?" She looked at the man in front. He still holds the same intensity in his eyes like when she smashed his windows.

Her trembling doubled with his deep voice. While she couldn't find hers. Her throat was blocked with fear.

She's completely aware that there are people who wants to kill her. But she's good at escaping them. And this is the first time she had encountered someone whose very angry at her.

"None? Because you're suspended." He said like he's there when she got called by her superior. He stood up on his seat. Still holding her nervous gaze.

"Chris, get the proposal from Heather Enterprises. Tell them I already sent them an email." He picked up the papers to stack them properly.

"Yes, Sir." Then Chris walked out of the room. Her feet went sweaty as the door closes.

They were the only people in the room. The cold air from the aircon felt colder when he started walking the two meter distance between them. Her fingers are shaking so she hid them inside her jacket's pockets.

"Can you tell me why your badge is on hold?" When he said this, he was leaning his back in front of his silver gray table. Looking at her from head to toe.

She still couldn't speak because of the horror she's fighting inside.

"Where's the lion growling at me yesterday?" He continued walking while she's pushing herself to step back. But she's completely frozen on her ground.

'Fucking run, Lila!' she said at her strucked brain.

And just like yesterday, he towered on her with more than half a meter between his chest and her face.

Delilah could not even raise her head to look up to him. So he held softly her little chin that made her stare at his face. More than handsome like an angel, but dangerous like a devil.

"Why am I looking at a scared kitten now?"

His deep blue eyes almost made her lose all the strength that she brought but a small voice inside her head shouted.


'You'll be a dead meat if you won't move!'


So she held his nape and without thinking, she bumped his head with hers.

"Oh, fuck!" He immediately backed off while holding his forehead.

Her vision went blurry but she forced herself to stand up.

"Wanna know where's the lion? Here she is, asshole! And you fucking disturbed her sleep!" She shouted to the man whose angrily staring at her.

When he turned around to hold onto the table, Delilah took advantage of the chance to ran outside the room. She ran all the way to the elevator, and when she almost reached it, an arm grabbed her waist.


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