Damaged Beyond Repair

Chapter 6

Nina followed me down the street, the hood of her jersey jacket pulled over her head which did a great job of concealing her face. I'd always thought of stalkers to be the creepy people lurking in the silhouettes of dark. I knew being a Sherlock Holmes was no fun walk in the park; she was thrilled, mostly because she was a pro at the stalking game and had done it more frequently than she could recall. For me, it had to do more with crime and less to do with Adrenaline rush.

I tried to get a better look in the dark; I could see a woman walking briskly with Mr. Masters, dressed in a ragged shirt over pencil skirt, her wavy short hair tied in a high ponytail. I was yet to uncover her true identity. She was lean, tall figure. Who was this woman?

We followed them closely, trying hard not to make a sound, but the sound of our footsteps on the pavement below was unavoidable. Demon professor was too caught up in his moment to notice us follow him.

"Why on earth are we playing stalkers?" Nina interrupted my thoughts; I hadn't realized she'd been walking in silence with me until she decided to talk.

"Don't you want to find out who that woman is?"

"Why do we care? I mean, that's the professor's personal business unless..." she narrowed her mascara smudged eyes at me, "Don't tell me you've got the hots for the professor?"

Was it such a dead give away?

"You tell this to anyone and I swear..."

"Wait. What were we talking about? I'm experiencing sudden memory loss."

"That's good." I laughed.

I was sneaky when it came to keeping a low profile, the demon professor and the likely demon professor's girl, cornered a tall dumpster. All I could make out of his demeanor was that, whatever was going down wasn't pretty. The woman seized him by the arm, and yanked it so he could face her. She confronted him about something, sliding an arm towards his shirt front, a gesture to calm him down, she whispered some other worldly bizarre things to which he flipped on his Ultra hulk mode, as he tugged his arm away from her grasp, cursed and pounded the poor garbage bin down with a loud thud. The woman automatically took a few steps back, not trying to have any physical contact this time.

"We should get the hell out of here now and fast." Nina whispered on cue, I kept myself in check the minute his malice rimmed eyes leveled with mine. I was more than positive Nina had fled in the opposite direction, but surprisingly she was glued to my side playing the mannequin.

The woman spun to face me, and I always knew a bitch the moment I saw one. Her eyes bore into mine; a nervous smile tugged her lips as she pushed the strap of her heavy designer looking handbag over her shoulders and left the disturbed Mr. Masters to fend for himself. He walked further into the darkness, only he wasn't following her.

"What do we make of this?" Nina's voice cut through my thoughts.

"I need a favor."

She arched her brow.

"I'm gonna go check on him." Her eyes went wide, "can you walk to the dorms by yourself?"

"I'll come with you." She offered, though I was sure as hell she didn't want anything do with people whose name started with an R and ended with an N. She had asked me out of plain formality.

"There's a likely possibility he wouldn't talk if it's the two of us, so do me a favor—go back to the dorms and cover for me in case Chez or anyone else shows up."

"Okay, but be careful."

I started to walk, halted and turned to face her, "why would you say that?"

She shrugged, "I don't know, Alana. Something doesn't seem right about him."

I just laughed about it, thinking what could be wrong about the demonic Greek god? If only I knew how right she was from the beginning.

By the time I had turned to follow, the professor had already disappeared into the darkness; I navigated my way through the damp cold street, assuming he'd also taken the same route. The night sky had turned the shade of a dark navy blue, mixed with a few hues of dark crimson from the sun set. It looked like the twin copy of the large painting, still hanging in my living area back in my parents' home.

I realized I had walked a long way and there was still no sign of the professor. The feeling of paranoia began to settle in slowly, the thought of finding my way back to the dorm was like trying to find your way out of a never- ending maze.

I came to a halt near a clearing, the street light beamed at me. I scanned around, and there was no sign of a single soul. As I walked towards a rundown, poorly maintained old building, my eyes spotted a strong lean figure hunched on the pavement, seeming like a lost child disappointed over candy.

Should I just let him sulk? Or should I ask him what's wrong? I was the kind of girl who never said no to challenges, mostly those which included sulking gorgeous men all alone on a creepy street. Considering the madness that coursed through my veins, I choose to do the latter.

"Mr. Masters." I approached him cautiously. He didn't respond.

I tried again, "sir."

He glanced up; his eyes were that of a predator's, furious and dangerous looking. Whatever that woman had said, must be real bad from the looks of it. Was I invading his privacy by doing this?

I just needed to know if he was okay, it was completely and solely on humanitarian basis that I need to do this. I was assuring myself that I didn't feel an ounce of strong attraction towards this man though the words left a bitter taste on my tongue.

"What are you doing here?" His voice was hoarse and screamed 'hostility.

"I was in the café just a few minutes ago and I saw what happened there..." I wasn't sure what I was supposed to call that woman. "I wanted to make sure you were fine."

"I see." Is all he said with a little too much conviction and edginess.

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