Damaged Beyond Repair

Chapter 7

I woke up in the morning wondering if last night was indeed a product of my fantasies, just a snip from my dreams. It didn't feel real at all. I replayed the moment again and again, and again like a video clip in my head until I reached purgatory or heaven or wherever that people go when they fall into a deep slumber. Nina was forced to pound a few times on my door to wake me. I found ten missed calls and five text messages, all in the name of Chez.    

I dragged myself to the university with my right arm in the harsh custody of Nina and my left in Chez's, giving me an ear-full on how I was on the verge of being damned if I didn't take studying seriously. They were one to say when all they could manage was to chat on messengers beneath their desks under the watchful hawk eyes of the professors. How they managed to save their phones from the evil predator eye's, was beyond my understanding.

Economics classes were early on Mondays; I'd skipped through the first two lectures in time to exactly attend Mr. Masters's class. The second I entered the class, Eddie waved at me, and I remembered I'd promised to sit beside him so he could copy my notes. I slid in the seat next to his, drawing some unwanted attention towards us, including Nina—who seemed perplexed by my sudden change of seating.

Eddie was his usual sleepy self, his overall demeanor screamed slacker with caps lock on. He wore black Ray-ban shades. Rowan swaggered into the class, wearing a sober black shirt—which matched his hair color. His eyes looked almost eerie, reminding me of a raven transformed into an attractive human. It all matched his gray slacks. Rowan's eyes met mine for a second and then turned to Eddie. He wasn't quite jovial by my choice of seat though successfully continued to maintain an impassive look

"Ed. Shades off please."

Eddie sighed and took off his Rayban's. Rowan turned to flip a few pages of the textbook.

I felt a sharp jab in my thigh. "Ouch!"

Eddie leaned in, "You've skipped some units from the earlier term?"  

He passed me a horrified look, skimming the pages from my notebook.

"I didn't skip anything. I joined late."

He nodded and went back to jotting down in sleepy cursive; the more I started at it the more it seemed like a code I needed to crack, even worse than a doctor's handwriting. Ask me, I've lived with a doctor for the past eighteen years.

A few minutes later when I was sincerely listening to Mr. Masters's drone on, I felt another jab in my thigh. I glared at Ed. This guy was insane. "Follow my lead, alright?"

"What?" I raised my hands in question.

"Just talk to me."

"Look, I have no intention of taking another walk of shame to his office, better yet, being completely restricted from attending this class. If you're on a suicide mission, I'm not, so whatever stunt you're trying to pull, do it yourself."

Or maybe that was an outright lie. I did want to be alone in his office, but mostly for other reasons.

He chuckled loudly, like really loudly for the whole class to hear. I was guessing he was doing it on purpose.

So much for not getting into trouble.

The lecture came to a pause as Rowan glanced up from the book he held, passing us both his signature death glare. Ed did not so much as wither or melt under his hot stare; instead, I watched them exchange some unsaid private communication. I could practically feel the tension brewing between the two. I couldn't decide what was going down, but one thing I was sure. This was dangerous and personal.

"Come see me after class." Mr. Masters growled.

Without any further ado, Eddie climbed to his feet, collected his bag, and leaned into my ear, whispering softly, "sorry about that, but I love to fuck with his head and I don't allow a good opportunity to pass."

He winked at me, before sauntering out of class.


"How do I look?"

"I'd change my name to Suze if he didn't beg you to go out with him again."

Nina's weird sense of humor never failed to amaze me anymore. The clock ticked seven-thirty; it was time Rowan was supposed to pick me. I'd gone all the way and dressed in a dark halter top over skinny denim with matching golden accessories to go with it. Nina had helped me style my hair in gorgeous curls and trinkets falling around my shoulders, those which had a handful of boys swoon all over me back in Ridgewell, not that any of them stood a chance against the professor.

I hadn't told Nina who I was going out with. Yes, I lied to her and made up some crap-ass story about meeting some random hunk through social networking who by some miracle also happened to stay around Carmel. She fell for the white lie and I'd thought she was smarter than that.

I received a text from Rowan, informing me that his car was parked a little farther down the street. We didn't want to take any risks, not to mention, the crapload of trouble we'd get into if those shady gossip club members happened to recognize his car, I most naturally didn't want to see our careers taking the Titanic route.

I glanced around for any possible witnesses as I continued to walk down the semi-crowded street. If I only knew that walking in large size pencil heels equated biting off the already trimmed nails, I would've gladly worn my flats. It was better than suicide by sandals any day. I noticed the familiar 4WD car parked near a curb. He must have already seen me in the rearview mirror of his car since he climbed out.

Rowan smiled at me. He wore a dark gray tee-shirt that highlighted his toned body and buffed biceps, his navy blue denim clung to his narrow hips, a silver chain dangled through the loop of his belt. I'd forgotten the fact that this man was only twenty-seven. The fact that he was drop fucking dead gorgeous didn't change the fact that he was also my teacher or the fact that a student dating the professor was not legal. I blinked back the embarrassment when I realized he'd caught me staring.

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